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Tourism and Sustainability: Development, Globalisation and New Tourism in the Third World (Fourth Edition)
by Martin Mowforth and Ian Munt

llliberal Democracy in Indonesia: The Ideology of the Family State
by David Bourchier

Histories of Medicine and Healing in the Indian Ocean World, Volume Two: The Modern Period
by Anna Winterbottom and Facil Tesfaye

Histories of Medicine and Healing in The Indian Ocean World, Volume One: The Medieval and Early Modern Period
by Anna Winterbottom and Facil Tesfaye


Islam and the Limits of the State: Reconfigurations of Practice, Community and Authority in Contemporary Aceh
by R. Michael Feener, David Kloos, and Annemarie Samuels

Prose of the World: Modern and the Banality of Empire
by Saikat Majumdar

Asean-India Development and Cooperation Report 2015

The Portuguese in the Creole Indian Ocean: Eassys in Historical Cosmopolitanism
by Fernando Rosa


Asian Migrations: Social And Geographical Mobilities in Southeast,East, and Northest Asia
by Tony Fielding

Women and the Politics of Representation in Southeast Asia: Engendering Discourse in Singapore and Malaysia
by Adeline Koh and Yu-Mei Balasingamchow

Digital Archetypes: Adaptations of Early Temple Architecture in South and Southeast Asia
by Sambit Datta and David Beynon

Language, Education And Nation-Building: Assimilation And Shift in Southeast Asia
by Peter Sercombe And Ruanni Tupas


Evolving Sysnergies: Celebrating Dance in Singapore
by Stephanie Burridge and Caren Carino

Narrowing the Development Gap in Asean: Drivers and Policy Options
by Mark McGillivray and David Carpenter

Refugees, Immigrants, and Education in the Global South: Lives in Motion
by Lesley Bartlett and Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher

The Arts of India, Southeast Asia, and The Himalayas: At The Dallas Museum of Art
by Anne.R.Bromberg


Opium and Empire In Southeast Asia: Regulating Consumption in British Burma
by Ashley Wright

Thai Stick: Surefrs, Scammers, and The Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade
by Peter Maguire and Mike Ritter

Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian History
by Norman G. Owen

Crossing the Industrial Divide: State, Society, and the Politics of Economic Transformation in Malaysia
by Alasdair Bowie


Gender, Mobilities, and Livelihood Transformations: Comparing Indigenous People In China, India, and Laos
by Ragnhild Lund, Kuoko Kussakabe, Smita Mishra Panda and Yunzian Wang

Analysing Secondary Predication in East Asian Languages
by Ryosuke Shibagaki

The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South
by Vijay Prashad

Social Activism in Southeast Asia
by Michele Ford


Marketing Management in Asia
by Stan Paliwoda, Tim Andrews & Junsong Chen

Unplanned Development: Tracking Change in South-East Asia
by Jonathan Rigg

Advances in Business in Asia: The Opportunities, Threats, and Future Trends of Businesses in China, India and the Asean Countries
by Chris Perryer, Victor Egan & Brian Sheehan

Alternatives to Privatization: Public Options for Essential Services in the Global South
by David A. McDonald and Greg Ruiters


Human Security and Climate Change in Southeat Asia: Managing Risk and Resilience
by Lorraine Elliott and Mely Caballero-Anthony

Sexual Diversity in Asia, c. 600-1950
by Raquel A. G. Reyes & William G. Clarence-Smith

Everyday Life in Southeast Asia
by Kathleen M. Adams & Kathleen A. Gillogly

Economic Growth and Income Inequality in China, India and Singapore: Trends and Policy Implications
by Pundarik Mukhopadhaya, G. Shantakumar and Bhanoji Rao


Power and Prowess: The Origins of Brooke Kingship in Sarawak
by J.H. Walker

Dance of Life: Popular Music and Politics in Southeast Asia
by Craig A. Lockard

Desire Divine and Demonic: Balinese Mysticism in the Paintings of I Ketut Budiana and I Gusti Nyoman Mirdiana
by Michele Stephen

Sacred Tensions: Modernity and Religious Transformation in Malaysia
by Raymond L. M. Lee and Susan E. Ackerman


Asian Voices in a Postcolonial Age: Vietnam, India and Beyond
by Susan Bayly

The Politics of Religion in South and Southeast Asia
by Ishtiaq Ahmed

War in the Blood: Sex, Politics and Aids in Southeast Asia
by Chris Beyrer

Southeast Asia and the Rise of Chinese and Indian Naval Power: Between Rising Naval Powers
by Sam Bateman and Joshua Ho



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