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Records 81 to 120 of 1633

The Ocean of Mirth: Reading Hasyarnava-Prahasanam of Jagadesvara Bhattacharya, A Political Satire for All Times
by Jyotirmaya Sharma

Dalit Text: Aesthetics and Politics Re-imagined
by Judith Misrahi-Barak, K. Satyanarayana, Nicole Thiara (eds)

Temporary Migration, Transformation and Development: Evidence from Europe and Asia
by Pirkko Pitkanen, Tomoko Hayakawa, Kerstin Schmidt, Mustafa Aksakal, S. Irudaya Rajan (Eds)

Indian Ocean Histories: The Many Worlds of Michael Naylor Pearson
by Rila Mukherjee, Radhika Seshan (Eds)


Formatting Religion: Across Politics, Education, Media, and Law
by Marius Timmann Mjaaland (ed.)

Afropolitanism and the Novel: De-realizing Africa
by Ashleigh Harris

Politics, Governance and Development in Bangladesh
by Muhammad Sayadur Rahman

Global Governance and India`s North-East: Logistics, Infrastructure and Society
by Ranabir Samaddar, Anita Sengupta (eds)


Dynamics of Dissent: Theorizing Movements for Inclusive Futures
by John Clammer, Meera Chakravorty, Marcus Bussey, Tanmayee Banerjee (eds)

BJP and the Evolution of Hindu Nationalism: Savarkar to Vajpayee to Modi
by Partha S. Ghosh

Nietzsche, Feminism and Political Theory
by Paul Patton (ed.)

The Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan
by Waris Hussain


Kerala Insurgency for Politics
by KV Thomas

Literature and Politics in the Age of Nationalism: The Progressive Episode in South Asia, 1932-56
by Talat Ahmed

China's Foreign Relations and Security Dimensions
by Geeta Kochhar

routledge handbook of International Law
by David Armstrong


Routledge Handbook of Religion and Politics
by Jeffrey Haynes

Indian Migration Report 2014: Diaspora and Development
by S. Irudaya Rajan (ed.)

Society, Medicine and Poltics in Colonial India
by Biswamoy Pati and Mark Harrison

Conflicted Democracies and Gendered Violence: The Right to Heal
by Angana P. Chatterji, Shashi Buluswar, Mallika Kaur


Delhi's Changing Built Environment
by Piyush Tiwari and Jyoti Rao

Tha Making of Fornication: Eros, Ethics, and Political Reform in Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity
by Kathy L. Gaca

Barons of Banking: Glimpses of Indian Banking History
by Bakhtiar K. Dadabhoy

India Migration Report 2017: Forced Migration
by S. Irudaya Rajan


`How Best Do We Survive?: A Modern Political History of the Tamil Muslims
by Kenneth McPherson

Between Ethics and Politics
by Eva Pfostl (ed.)

Settlers, Saints and Sovereigns: An Ethnography of State Formation in Western India
by Farhana Ibrahim

Land, Water, Language & Politics in Andhra: Regional Evolution in india Since 1850
by Brian Stoddart


Subjects, Citizens and Law: Colonial and Inde4pendent India
by Gunnel Cederlof and Sanjukta Das Gupta

The Bengal Diaspora: Rethinking Muslim Migration
by Claire Alexander, Joya Chatterji, and Annu Jalais

Democratisation in the 21st Century: Reviving Transitology
by Mohammad-mahmoud Ould Mohamedou and Timothy D. Sisk

Electoral Survery Methodolodgy: Insight From Japan on Using Computer Assisted Personal Interviews
by Masaru Kohno and Yoshitaka Nishizawa


Indian Ocean and Maritime Security: Competition, Cooperation and Threat
by Bimal N. Patel, Aruna Kumar Malika and Willam Nunes

Culture and Emotional Economy of Migration
by Badri Narayan

Urban Poverty, Local Governance and Everyday Politics in Mumbai (South Asia Edition)
by Joop De Wit

Dalits: Past, Present and Future (South Asia Edition )
by Anand Teltumbde


Hindu Nationalism, History and Identity in India: Narrating a Hindu Past under the BJP
by Lars Tore Flaten

The Theory and Practice of Microcredit
by Wahiduddin Mahmud and S.R. Osmani

Introduction to Geopolitics (3rd Edition )
by Colin Flint

Quantum Dynamics and Laser Control for Photochemistry: Doctoral Thesis Accepted by Universite de Bourgogne Franche-Comte`, Dijon, France
by Matthieu Sala



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