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Records 1 to 40 of 1060

Philosophical Issues in Indian Cinema: Approximate Terms and Concepts
by MK Raghavendra

The Second Partition of Palestine: Hamas-Fatah Struggle for Power
by Subhash Singh

Nelson Mandela: Peace Through Reconciliation
by Neera Chandhoke

Indian Soldiers in the First World War: Re-visiting a Global Conflict
by Ashutosh Kumar and Claude Markovits (eds.)


Muhammad Iqbal: Islam, Aesthetics and Postcolonialism
by Javed Majeed

The History of British Diplomacy in Pakistan
by Ian Talbot

Revolutions in Learning and Education from India: Pathways Towards the Pluriverse
by Christoph Neusiedl

Pakistan`s Security and the India-Us Strategic Partnership: Nuclear Politics and Security Competition
by Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari


Pakistan, Regional Security and Conflict Resolution: The Pashtun `Tribal` Areas
by Farooq Yousaf

Coronavirus News, Markets and Al: The Covid-19 Diaries
by Pankaj Sharma

Television in Bangladesh: News and Audiences
by Ratan Kumar Roy

The 14th Dalai Lama: Peacekeeping and Universal Responsibility
by Mario I. Aguilar


Mahatma Gandhi: A Nonviolent Perspective on Peace
by Ramin Jahanbegloo

Steering Human Evolution: Eighteen These on Homo Sapiens Metamorphosis
by Yehezkel Dror

India`s Pakistan Policy: How Think Tanks are Shaping Foreign Relations
by Stuti Bhatnagar

Contested Waters: India`s Transboundary River Water Disputes in South Asia
by Amit Ranjan


Peace and Conflict Studies: Perspectives from South Asia
by Anindya Jyoti Majumdar, Shibashis Chatterjee (eds.)

Marc Chagall: The Artist as Peacemaker
by Fred Dallmayr

Against the Empire: Polity, Economy and Culture during the Anglo-Kuki War, 1917-1919
by Ngamjahao kipgen and Doungul Letkhojam Haokip (eds.)

Wittgenstein and the Nature of Violence
by R. Krishnaswamy


From Terrorism to Television: Dynamics of Media, State, and Society in Pakistan
by Qaisar Abbas and Farooq Sulehria (eds.)

Fixed Borders, Fluid Boundaries: Identity, Resources and Mobility in Northeast India
by Chandan Kumar Sharma and Reshmi Banerjee (eds.)

The Sanskrit Language: An Introductory Grammar and Reader
by Walter Harding Maurer

Peace and Conflict Studies: A Reader
by Charles P. Webel and Jorgen Johansen (eds.)


Cultural Studies in India
by Rana Nayar, Pushpinder Syal and Akshaya Kumar (eds.)

Heidegger`s Entscheidung: "Decision" Between "Fate" and "Destiny"
by Norman K. Swazo

Pakistan: The Politics of the Misgoverned
by Azhar Hassan Nadeem

Mapping Place Names of India
by Anu Kapur


International Toleration: A Theory
by Pietro Maffettone

Negotiating Cultural Diversity in Afghanistan
by Omar Sadr

Graphic Narratives and the Mythological Imagination in India
by Roma Chatterji

The Buffalo Century: Vāñcheśvara Dīkṣita’s Mahiṣaśatakam; A Political Satire for all Centuries
by Kesavan Veluthat


Fighting Rommel: The British Imperial Army in North Africa during the Second World War, 1941-1943
by Kaushik Roy

Bureaucratic Culture in Early Colonial India: District Officials, Armed Forces, and Personal Interest Under the East India Company, 1760-1830
by James Lees

Armed Conflict in South Asia 2013: Transitions
by D. Suba Chandran, P. R. Chari

The Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan
by Waris Hussain


The Himalayas and India-China Relations
by Devendra Nath Panigrahi

General Geocryology
by E. D. Yershov

Biolinguistics: Critical Concept in Linguistics (4 Volume Set)
by Anna Maria Di Sciullo

Sastravartasamuccaya: L. D. Series: 128 (22)
by Jitendra B. Shah



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