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Records 1 to 40 of 901

Understanding Afghanistan: History, Politics and the Economy
by Abdul Qayyum Khan

Securing India in the Cyber Era
by Sameer Patil

Northeast India and Japan: Engagement through Connectivity
by Mayumi Murayama, Sanjoy Hazarika and Preeti Gill (eds.)

India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons
by Rajiv Bhatia


India and the Changing Geopolitics of Oil
by Amit Bhandari

Camp Life of Sri Lankan Refugees in India
by Arockiam Kulandai

Transitions in Post-Soviet Eurasia: Identity, Polity and Strategic Choices
by Archana Upadhyay (ed.)

China and South Asia: Changing Regional Dynamics, Development and Power Play
by Rajiv Ranjan and Guo Changgang (eds.)


Yunnan-Burma- Bengal Corridor Geographies: Protean Edging of Habitats and Empires
by Dan Smyer Yu and Karin Dean (eds.)

Urban Green Space, Health Economics and Air Pollution in Delhi
by Swati Rajput, Kavita Arora and Rachna Mathur

South Asia and China: Engagement in the Twenty-First Century
by Adluri Subramanyam Raju (eds.)

Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation in South Asia
by Adluri Subramanyam Raju (eds.)


Techno-Geopolitics: U.S.- China Tech War and the Practice of Digital Statecraft
by Pak Nung Wong

Little Bangladesh: Voices From America
by Zahir Ahmed

Atmosphere of Collaboration: Air Pollution Science, Politics and Ecopreneurship in Delhi
by Rohit Negi and Prerna Srigyan

Are SDGs a Myth?: Industrial Development and Water Pollution in India
by Neeru Bansal and R. Parthasarathy


South Asia and Climate Change: Unravelling the Conundrum
by Mausumi Kar, Jayita Mukhopadhyay and Manisha Deb Sarkar (eds.)

Politico-Military Strategy of the Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971
by Guru Saday Batabyal

The Second Partition of Palestine: Hamas-Fatah Struggle for Power
by Subhash Singh

Logic of the Powers: Towards an Impact-driven Practice of Futurist Statecraft
by Pak Nung Wong


Understanding Money: Philosophical Frameworks of Monetary Value
by Aditya Nain and P. G. Jung

The Chinese Shadow on India`s Eastward Engagement: The Energy Security Dimension
by Sanjay K. Bhardwaj (ed.)

Tracing the Undersea Dragon: Chinese SSBN Programme and the Indo-Pacific
by Amit Ray

Public Speaking for Leaders: Communication Strategies for the Global Market
by Apoorva Bharadwaj and Pragyan Rath


Justice before Reconciliation: Negotiating a ‘New Normal’ in Post-riot Mumbai and Ahmedabad
by Dipankar Gupta

State, Policy and Conflicts in Northeast India
by K. S. Subramanian

Political Geography: World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality (Seventh edition)
by Colin Flint and Peter J. Taylor

Interrogating Reorganisation of States: Culture, Identity and Politics in India
by Asha Sarangi and Sudha Pai (eds.)


Revolutions in Learning and Education from India: Pathways Towards the Pluriverse
by Christoph Neusiedl

Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds
by Smriti Srinivas, Bettina Ng'weno, and Neelima Jeychandran (eds.)

Pakistan`s Security and the India-Us Strategic Partnership: Nuclear Politics and Security Competition
by Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari

The Public Policy Primer: Managing the policy process
by Xun Wu, M. Ramesh, Michael Howlett and Scott A. Fritzen


The Promise of Small and Medium Enterprises
by Ana Arroio and Mario Scerri (eds.)

Explaining Pakistan`s Foreign Policy: Escaping India
by Aparna Pande

Being Brahmin Being Modern: Exploring the Lives of Caste Today
by Ramesh Bairy T.S.

India`s Great Power Politics: Managing China`s Rise
by Jo Inge Bekkevold and S. Kalyanaraman (eds.)


Geopolitics of Energy in Central Asia: India`s Position and Policy
by Ramakrushna Pradhan

Urban Governance and Local Democracy in South India
by Anil Kumar Vaddiraju

Insecurity Communities of South Asia and the Middle East: Consequences of us Foreign Policy
by Majid Sharifi

Culture as Power: Buddhist Heritage and the Indo-Japanese Dialogue
by Madhu Bhalla (ed.)



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