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The Routledge Handbook of Exclusion, Inequality and Stigma in India
by NMP Verma and Alpana Srivastava (eds.)

New Frontiers in Feminist Political Economy
by Shirin M. Rai and Georgina Waylen (eds.)

Global Capital and Peripheral Labour: The History and Political Economy of Plantation Workers in India
by Ravi Raman

The Transnational Studies Reader: Intersections and Innovations
by Sanjeev Khagram and Peggy Levitt (eds.)


Mergers and Acquisitions: India Under Globalisation
by P. L. Beena

Canned Heat: Ethics and Politics of Global Climate Change
by Marcello Di Paola, Gianfranco Pellegrino (Eds)

Media, Nationalism and Globalization: The Telangana Movement and Indian Politics
by Sumanth Inukonda

Critical Management Studies: Global Voices, Local Accents
by Christopher Grey, Isabelle Huault, Veronique Perret and Laurent Taskin


Agricultural Growth, Productivity and Regional Change in India: Challenges of Globalisation, Liberalisation and food Insecurity
by Surendra Singh and Prem Chhetri

The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Policy and Administration
by Thoms R. Klassen, Denita Cepiku and T.J. Lah

Globalisation, Development and Plantation Labour On India
by K. J. Joseph and P. K. Viswanathan

Narrative Global Politics: Theory, History and The Personal in International Relations
by Naeem Inayatullah and Elizabeth Dauphinee


Global Capitalism, Culture, and Ethics
by Richard A. Spinello

Nation, Territory, and Globalization in Pakistan: Traversing the Margins
by Chad Haines

Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language
by Richard S.Pinner

Globalization and the Colonial Origins of the Great Divergence: Intercontinental Trade and Living Standards in The Dutch East India Company`s Commeric
by Pim De Zwart


Globalization and Labour in the Twenty-First Century
by Verity Burgmann

Human Development and Global Institutions: Evolution, Impact, Reforn
by Richard Ponzio and Arunabha Ghosh

The Long Battle for Global Governance
by Stephen Buzdugan and Anthony Payne

Organizational Change and Global Standardization: Solutions to Standards and Norms Overwhelming Organizations
by David M. Boje


Global Modernity: Modernity in the Age of Global Capitalism
by Arif Dirlik

Global Economic Governance and the Development Practices of the Multilateral Development Banks
by Susan Park and Jonathan R. Strand

The Critical Global Educator: Global Citizenship Education as Sustainable Development
by Maureen Ellis

Social Science Research Ethics for a Globalizing World: Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
by Keerty Nakray, Margaret Alston and Kerri Whittenbury


Innovation and Global Competitiveness: Case of India`s Manufacturing Sector
by N. S. Siddharthan and K. Narayanan

Tourism and Sustainability: Development, Globalisation and New Tourism in the Third World (Fourth Edition)
by Martin Mowforth and Ian Munt

Territorial Separatism in Global Politics: Causes, Outcomes and Resolution
by Damien Kingsbury & Costas Laoutides

Global Perspectives on Critical Architecture: Praxis Reloaded
by Gevork Hartoonian


The Quest For Security: Protection Without Protectionism and the Challenge of Global Governance
by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Mary Kaldor

Global Consumer Organizations
by Karsten Ronit

Markets of English: Linguistic Capital and Language Policy in a Globalizing World
by Joseph Sung-Yul Park and Lionel Wee

Enlarging Translation. Empowering Translators
by Maria Tymoczko


Science and Narratives of Nature: East And West
by Jobin M.Kanjirakkat, Gordon McOuat and Sundar Sarukkai

Skilled Migration, Expectation and Reality: Chinese Professionals and the Global Labour Market
by Ying Lu, Ramanie Samaratunge and Charmine E.J. Hartel

Globalization, Industrialization and Labour Markets in East and South Asia
by Rajah Rasiah, Bruce Mcfarlane and Sarosh Kuruvilla

Transnational Agency and Migration: Actors, Movements, and Social Support
by Stefan Kongeter and Wendy Smith


Young Sikhs in Global World: Negotiating Traditions, Indetities and Authorities
by Knut A. Jacobsen, Kristina Myrvold

Women, Work, and Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities
by Bahira Sherif Trask

Losing Control?: Sovereignty in an Age of Globalization
by Saskia Sassen

Beyond Bolano: The Global Latin American Novel
by Hector Hoyos



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