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Water and Public Policy in India: Politics, Rights, and Governance
by Deepti Acharya

An Ethnography of the Parsees of India: 1886-1936
by A.M. Shah and Lancy Lobo (eds.)

E-Waste Management: Challenges and Opportunities in India
by Varsha Bhagat-Ganguly

Atmosphere of Collaboration: Air Pollution Science, Politics and Ecopreneurship in Delhi
by Rohit Negi and Prerna Srigyan


Water Conflicts and Resistance: Issues and Challenges in South Asia
by Venkatesh Dutta (ed.)

The Chinese Shadow on India`s Eastward Engagement: The Energy Security Dimension
by Sanjay K. Bhardwaj (ed.)

City Planning in India, 1947-2017
by Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Vidyarthi and Poonam Prakash

Climate Change in South Asia: Politics, Policies and the SAARC
by Baniateilang Majaw


To Serve God in Holy Freedom: The Brief Rebellion of the Nuns of the Royal Convent of Santa Monica, Goa, India, 1731-1734
by Daniel Michon, D.A. Smith

Contested Waters: India`s Transboundary River Water Disputes in South Asia
by Amit Ranjan

A Place to Call Home: Women as Agents of Change in Mumbai
by Ramya Ramanath

Sport and Tourism: A Reader
by Mike Weed (ed.)


Anthropological Practice: Fieldwork and the Ethnographic Method
by Judith Okely

Malaria in Colonial South Asia: Uncoupling Disease and Destitution
by Sheila Zurbrigg

Fighting Rommel: The British Imperial Army in North Africa during the Second World War, 1941-1943
by Kaushik Roy

Bureaucratic Culture in Early Colonial India: District Officials, Armed Forces, and Personal Interest Under the East India Company, 1760-1830
by James Lees


Along the Indian Highway: An Ethnography of an International Travelling Exhibition
by Cathrine Bublatzky

South Asian Sovereignty: The Conundrum of Worldly Power
by David Gilmartin, Pamela Price, Arild Engelsen Ruud (Eds)

Routledge International Handbook of Race, Class, and Gender
by Shirley A. Jackson

Settlers, Saints and Sovereigns: An Ethnography of State Formation in Western India
by Farhana Ibrahim


Subjects, Citizens and Law: Colonial and Inde4pendent India
by Gunnel Cederlof and Sanjukta Das Gupta

Urban Poverty, Local Governance and Everyday Politics in Mumbai (South Asia Edition)
by Joop De Wit

Women Architects in India: Histories of Practice in Mumbai and Delhi
by Mary N. Woods

Climate Justice: An Introduction
by Dominic Roser and Christian Seidel


The Handbook of Environmental Education
by Joy Palmar and Philip Neal

Salaam Bollywood: Representations and Interpretations
by Vikrant Kishore, Amit Sarwal and Parichay Patra

The Linguistic Landscape of Chinatown: A Sociolinguistic Ethnography
by Jackie Jia Lou

Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance
by Ian Jeffreys and Jeremy Moody


Popular Hindi Cinema: Aesthetic Formations of the Seen and Unseen
by Ronie Parciack

Globalization and the Colonial Origins of the Great Divergence: Intercontinental Trade and Living Standards in The Dutch East India Company`s Commeric
by Pim De Zwart

Sovereignty and Social Reform in India: British Colonialism and the Campaign Aginast Sati,1830-60
by Andrea Major

Muscular Christianity in Colonial and Post-Colonial Worlds
by John J. Macaloon


A Functional Account of Marathi`s Voice Phenomena: Passives and Causatives in Marathi
by Prashant Pardeshi

American Popular Music in Britain`s Raj
by Bradley G. Shope

Communities of Women in Assam: Being, Doing and Thinking Together
by Nandana Dutta (ed.)

German Soldiers in Colonial India
by Chen Tzoref-Ashkenazi


Hybrid Knowledge in the Early East India Company World
by Anna Winterbottom

Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration
by Mirjana Lozanovska

Sustainable Transportation in Natural And Protected Areas
by Francesco Orsi

Trans-Colonial Modernities in South Asia
by Michael S. Dodson Brian A. Hatcher



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