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Engendering Climate Change: Learnings from South Asia
by Asha Hans, Nitya Rao, Anjal Prakash and Amrita Patel (eds.)

The Chinese Shadow on India`s Eastward Engagement: The Energy Security Dimension
by Sanjay K. Bhardwaj (ed.)

Muslim Endowments, Waqf Law and Judicial Response in India
by P.S. Munawar Hussain

Tracing the Undersea Dragon: Chinese SSBN Programme and the Indo-Pacific
by Amit Ray


The Syncretic Traditions of Islamic Religious Architecture of Kashmir (Early 14th-18th Century)
by Hakim Sameer Hamdani

The Social Sciences in a Global Age: Decoding Knowledge Politics
by Dipankar Sinha

The Muslim Question in Assam and Northeast India
by Monoj Kumar Nath

The Dynamics of Human Development: A Partial Mobility Perspective
by Atanu Sengupta and Abhijit Ghosh


Nelson Mandela: Peace Through Reconciliation
by Neera Chandhoke

John Locke, Territory, and Transmigration
by Brian Smith

Indian Soldiers in the First World War: Re-visiting a Global Conflict
by Ashutosh Kumar and Claude Markovits (eds.)

Gender, Violence and Governmentality: Legal and Policy Initiatives in India
by Skylab Sahu


Civility in Crisis: Democracy, Equality and the Majoritarian Challenge in India
by Suryakant Waghmore and Hugo Gorringe (eds.)

State, Policy and Conflicts in Northeast India
by K. S. Subramanian

Perspectives on Literature and Translation: Creation, Circulation, Reception
by Brian Nelson and Brigid Maher (eds.)

Northeast India: A Reader
by Bhagat Oinam and Dhiren A. Sadokpam (eds.)


Interrogating Reorganisation of States: Culture, Identity and Politics in India
by Asha Sarangi and Sudha Pai (eds.)

Ramopakhyana - The Story of Rama in the Mahabharata: An Independent-Study Reader in Sanskrit
by Peter Scharf

Muhammad Iqbal: Islam, Aesthetics and Postcolonialism
by Javed Majeed

Education, Poverty and Gender: Schooling Muslim Girls in India
by Latika Gupta


Novelist Tagore: Gender and Modernity in Selected Texts
by Radha Chakravarty

Quantity and Quality in Social Research
by Alan Bryman

MGNREGA: Employment, Wages and Migration in Rural India
by Parmod Kumar, Dipanwita Chakraborty

Barbed Wire: Borders and Partitions in South Asia
by Jayita Sengupta (ed.)


The History of British Diplomacy in Pakistan
by Ian Talbot

Revolutions in Learning and Education from India: Pathways Towards the Pluriverse
by Christoph Neusiedl

Religion, Space and Conflict in Sri Lanka: Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts
by Elizabeth J. Harris

Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds
by Smriti Srinivas, Bettina Ng'weno, and Neelima Jeychandran (eds.)


Pakistan`s Security and the India-Us Strategic Partnership: Nuclear Politics and Security Competition
by Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari

Pakistan, Regional Security and Conflict Resolution: The Pashtun `Tribal` Areas
by Farooq Yousaf

Literature Gender, and the Trauma of Partition: The Paradox of Independence
by Debali Mookerjea-Leonard

Ethnic Inequality in the Northeastern Indian Borderlands: Social Structures and Symbolic Violence
by Anita Lama


The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism
by Sarah Gamble (ed.)

Pandita Ramabai: Life and Landmark Writings
by Meera Kosambi

Explaining Pakistan`s Foreign Policy: Escaping India
by Aparna Pande

Being Brahmin Being Modern: Exploring the Lives of Caste Today
by Ramesh Bairy T.S.


Anglophone Indian Women Writers, 1870-1920
by Ellen Brinks

Indian Managers and Organizations: Boons and Burdens
by Ashok Malhotra

Caste and Gender in Contemporary India: Power, Privilege and Politics
by Supurna Banerjee and Nandini Ghosh (eds.)

Politics of Education in Colonial India
by Krishna Kumar



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