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Records 1 to 40 of 1461

Water and Public Policy in India: Politics, Rights, and Governance
by Deepti Acharya

Space, Time and Ways of Seeing: The Performance Culture of Kutiyattam
by Mundoli Narayanan

Liberalised India, Politicised Middle Class and Software Professionals
by Anshu Srivastava

Optimum Size of Government Intervention: Emerging Economies and their Challenges
by Ramesh Chandra Das (ed.)


The Covid-19 Pandemic, India and the World: Economic and Social Policy Perspectives
by Rajib Bhattacharyya, Ananya Ghosh Dastidar and Soumyen Sikdar (eds.)

India`s Industrial Policy and Performance: Growth, Competition and Competitiveness
by Nitya Nanda

E-Waste Management: Challenges and Opportunities in India
by Varsha Bhagat-Ganguly

Hazardous Substances in India and the World: Legislations, Frameworks and Management
by T.R. Subramanya


Philosophical Issues in Indian Cinema: Approximate Terms and Concepts
by MK Raghavendra

Governance of Higher Education in Bihar: Influence of Power Centers
by Sudhanshu Bhushan

Film, Media and Representation in Postcolonial South Asia: Beyond Partition
by Nukhbah Taj Langah and Roshni Sengupta (eds.)

Domestic Violence Law in India: Myth and Misogyny
by Shalu Nigam


Sexuality, Abjection and Queer Existence in Contemporary India
by Pushpesh Kumar (ed.)

Migrants, Mobility and Citizenship in India
by Ashwani Kumar and R. B. Bhagat (eds.)

Water Conflicts and Resistance: Issues and Challenges in South Asia
by Venkatesh Dutta (ed.)

Language, Education, and Identity: Medium in South Asia
by Chaise LaDousa and Christina P. Davis (eds.)


Contextualising Educational Studies in India: Research, Policy and Practices
by Pradeep Kumar Choudhury and Suresh Babu G.S (eds.)

Muslim Endowments, Waqf Law and Judicial Response in India
by P.S. Munawar Hussain

Public Speaking for Leaders: Communication Strategies for the Global Market
by Apoorva Bharadwaj and Pragyan Rath

Speaking with Pictures: Folk Art and the Narrative Tradition in India
by Roma Chatterji


Anglophone Indian Women Writers, 1870-1920
by Ellen Brinks

Witchcraft Accusations from Central India: The Fragmented Urn
by Helen Macdonald

Hospitalities: Transitions and Transgressions, North and South
by Merle A. Williams (ed.)

Understanding Hallyu: The Korean Wave Through Literature, Webtoon, and Mukbang
by Hyesu Park


India, Sri Lanka and the SAARC Region: History, Popular Culture and Heritage
by Lopamudra Maitra Bajpai

Gender, Sexuality, Decolonization: South Asia in the World Perspective
by Ahonaa Roy (ed.)

Covid-19 and Public Policy in the Digital Age
by Andrea Monti and Raymond Wacks

Behavioural Dynamics at the Workplace: A Guide to Introspect, Practice and Transform
by Umashankar K and Charitra H G


The Human Rights Graphic Novel: Drawing it Just Right
by Pramod K. Nayar

The Vernacularisation of Democracy: Politics, Caste and Religion in India
by Lucia Michelutti

Delivering Justice: Issues and Concerns
by Sibnath Deb and G. Subhalakshmi (eds.)

Steering Human Evolution: Eighteen These on Homo Sapiens Metamorphosis
by Yehezkel Dror


Princely India Re-imagined: A historical anthropology of Mysore from 1799 to the present
by Aya Ikegame

Marc Chagall: The Artist as Peacemaker
by Fred Dallmayr

A Macroeconomics Reader
by Brian Snowdon and Howard R. Vane (eds.)

Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy
by Brian Carr and Indira Mahalingam (eds.)


New Media, Old Media: A History and Theory Reader
by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun & Thomas Keenan (eds.)

Marxist Theories of Imperialism: A Critical Survey (Second Edition)
by Anthony Brewer

Migrations in Medieval and Early Colonial India
by Vijaya Ramaswamy (ed.)

Dalit Women: Vanguard of an Alternative Politics in India
by S. Anandhi and Karin Kapadia (eds.)



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