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The Literature of the Indian Diaspora: Theorizing the Diasporic Imaginary
by Vijay Mishra

Novelist Tagore: Gender and Modernity in Selected Texts
by Radha Chakravarty

Barbed Wire: Borders and Partitions in South Asia
by Jayita Sengupta (ed.)

Pakistan`s Security and the India-Us Strategic Partnership: Nuclear Politics and Security Competition
by Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari


Pakistan, Regional Security and Conflict Resolution: The Pashtun `Tribal` Areas
by Farooq Yousaf

Anglophone Indian Women Writers, 1870-1920
by Ellen Brinks

Hindi Dalit Literature: and The Politics of Representation
by Sarah Beth Hunt

Kipling in India: India in Kipling
by Harish Trivedi and Janet Montefiore (eds.)


Hospitalities: Transitions and Transgressions, North and South
by Merle A. Williams (ed.)

Understanding Hallyu: The Korean Wave Through Literature, Webtoon, and Mukbang
by Hyesu Park

Insecurity Communities of South Asia and the Middle East: Consequences of us Foreign Policy
by Majid Sharifi

Travel Culture, Travel Writing and Bengali Women, 1870-1940
by Jayati Gupta


Education for Fullness: A Study of the Educational Thought and Experiment of Rabindranath Tagore
by H.B. Mukherjee

The Calcutta Kerani and the London Clerk in the Nineteenth Century: Life, Labour, Latitude
by Sumit Chakrabarti

The Routledge Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory (Second Edition)
by Simon Malpas and Paul Wake (eds.)

The Domain of the Novel: Reflections on Some Historical Definitions
by A. N. Kaul


Arms in Academia: The Political Economy of the Modern UK Defence Industry
by Elliot Murphy

Indigeneity and Nation: Key Concepts in Indigenous Studies
by G. N. Devy and Geoffrey V. Davis (eds.)

The Bhagavad-Gita: A Critical Introduction
by Ithamar Theodor (ed.)

Orality and Language: Key Concepts in Indigenous Studies
by G. N. Devy and Geoffrey V. Davis (eds.)


Vidyasagar: The Life and After-life of an Eminent Indian
by Brian A. Hatcher

The Sino-Indian War of 1962: New Perspectives
by Amit R. Das Gupta and Lorenz M. Luthi (eds.)

Nuclear South Asia: Keywords & Concepts
by Rajesh Rajagopalan, Atul Mishra

True Crime Writings in Colonial India: Offending Bodies and Darogas in Nineteenth-Century Bengal
by Shampa Roy


The Routledge Handbook of Indian Defence Policy: Themes, Structures and Doctrines (Second Edition)
by Harsh V. Pant (ed.)

Environment and Belief Systems: Key Concepts in Indigenous Studies
by G.N Devy and Geoffrey V. Davis (eds.)

Against the Empire: Polity, Economy and Culture during the Anglo-Kuki War, 1917-1919
by Ngamjahao kipgen and Doungul Letkhojam Haokip (eds.)

Spies and their Masters: Intelligence-Policy Relations in Democratic Countries
by Matteo Faini


The Routledge Reader in Caribbean Literature
by Alison Donnell and Sarah Lawson Welsh (eds.)

Tagore, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism: Perceptions, Contestations and Contemporary Relevance
by Mohammad A. Quayum (ed.)

Science and Scientification in South Asia and Europe
by Axel Michaels and Christoph Wulf (eds.)

The Earthscan Reader in Forestry & Development
by Jeffrey Sayer (ed.)


Racism: A Global Reader
by Kevin Reilly, Stephen Kaufman, Angela Bodino (eds.)

An Alternative Idea of India: Tagore and Vivekananda
by Gangeya Mukherji

The History of Reading
by Shafquat Towheed, Rosalind Crone and Katie Halsey (eds.)

Strategic Studies: A Reader (Second Edition)
by Thomas G. Mahnken and Joseph A. Maiolo (eds.)


The Post-Colonial Critic: Interviews, Strategies, Dialogues
by Sarah Harasym (ed.)

The New Historicism Reader
by H. Aram Veeser (ed.)

Simone De Beauvoir: A Critical Reader
by Elizabeth Fallaize (ed.)

Violence and Resistance in Sikh Gendered Identity
by Jaspal Kaur Singh



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