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Analogy in Indian and Western Philosophical Thought
by David B. Zilberman

Reading History with the Tamil Jainas: A Study on Identity, Memory and Marginalisation
by R. Umamaheshwari

Cultures of Memory in South Asia: Orality, Literacy and the Problem of Inheritance
by D. Venkat Rao

Western Foundations of the Caste System
by Martin Farek, Dunkin Jalki, Sufiya Pathan and Prakash Shah (Eds.)


Religious Transactions in Colonial South India: Language, Translation, and the Making of Protestant Identity
by Hephzibah Israel

Religious Reconstruction in the South Asian Diasporas: From One Generation to Another
by John R. Hinnells (Ed.)

Crafting the Nation in Colonial India
by Abigail McGowan

Theatre and Religion on Krishna`s Stage: Performing in Vrindavan
by David V. Mason


The Nation of India in Contemporary Indian Literature
by Anna Guttman

`Post`-9/11 South Asian Diasporic Fiction : Uncanny Terror
by Pei-Chen Liao

Indian Writing in English and the Global Literary Market
by Om Prakash Dwivedi and Lisa Lau (Ed.)

Experienceing Phenomenology: An Introduction
by Joel Smith


Nonviolence in the Mahabharata: Siva`s Summa on Rsidharma and the Gleaners of Kuruksetra
by Alf Hiltebeitel

Religion and Modernity in the Himalaya
by Megan Adamson Sijapati and Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz

Literary Translation
by Chantal Wright

The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Theory, Modern Power, World Politics: Critical Investigations
by Scott G Nelson and Nevzat Soguk


The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Literature
by Noel Carroll and John Gibson

The Routledge Handbook of Urbanization and Global Environmental Change
by Karen C. Seto, William D. Solecki and Corrie A. Griffith

What Is This Thing Called Philosophy?
by Duncan Pritchard

The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing
by Carl Thompson


Religion and Urbanism: Reconceptualising Sustainable Cities for South Asia
by Yamini Narayanan

Globalizing Literary Genres: Literature, History, Modernity
by Jernej Habjan and Fabienne Imlinger

Radical Religion and Violence: Theory and Case Studies
by Jeffrey Kaplan

Mobilizing Religion and Gender in India: The Role of Activism
by Nandini Deo


Subaltern Movements in India: Gendered Geographies of Struggle Against Neoliberal Development
by Manisha Desai

Visual, Narrative and Creative Research Methods: Application, Reflection and Ethics
by Dawn Mannay

The Nineteenth Century Philosophy Reader
by Benjamin D. Crowe

Indian Muslims and Citizenship: Spaces for Jihad in Everyday Life
by Julten Adbelhalim


Encyclopedia of Social Theory
by Austin Harrington, Barbara I. Marshall and Hans-Peter Muller

by Ben Highmore

Routledge International Handbook of the Sociology of Art and Culture
by Laurie Hanquinet and Mike Savage

Literary Theory: A Guide for the Perplexed
by Mary Klages


Bhakti and Embodiment: Fashioning Divine Bodies and Devotional Bodies in Krsna Bhakti
by Barbara A.Holdrege

The Routledge Companion to Islamic Philosophy
by Richard C.Taylor and Luis Xavier Lopez-Farjeat

What Postcolonial Theory Doesn`t Say
by Anna Bernard, Ziad Elmarsafy, and Stuart Murray

Comparative Religious Ethics (Set of IV Volumes)
by Charles Mathewes, Matthew Puffer and Mark Storslee


Remaking History: The Past In Contemporary Historical Fictions
by Jerome De Groot

The Transnational in English Literature: Shakespeare to the Modern
by Pramod K.Nayar

Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction
by Mark van Roojen

Institutions of World LIterature: Writing, Translation, Markets
by Stefan Helgesson and PIeter Vermeulen



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