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The Third Birth of Confucius: Reconstructing the Ancient Chinese Philosophy in the Post-Mao China
by Kashi Ram Sharma

A Tour in the Panjab and Rajputana in 1883-1884
by H.B.W. Garrick

Ladak: Physical, Statistical and Historical with Notices of the Surrounding Countries
by Alexander Cunningham

Among the Tibetans
by Isabella L. Bishop


Women in Early Indian Societies
by Kumkum Roy (ed.)

A Gazetteer of Delhi (1883-1884)

Records of the Intelligence Department of the Government of the North-West Provinces of India: During the Mutiny of 1857 (Volume 2)
by William Muir

Records of the Intelligence Department of the Government of the North-West Provinces of India: During the Mutiny of 1857 (Volume 1)
by William Muir


The Guru Granth Sahib: Its Physics and Metaphysics
by Guninder Kaur

Communities, Institutions and Histories of India`s Northeast
by Charisma K. Lepcha and Uttam Lal (eds.)

Life of the Amir Dost Mohammed Khan of Kabul: With his Political Proceedings Towards the English, Russian, and Persian Governments, Including the Victory and Disasters of the British Army in Afghanistan (vol. II)
by Mohan Lal

The Jesuits and the Great Mogul
by Sir Edward Maclagan


The Khasis
by Lieutenant-Colonel P.R.T. Gurdon

Women, Migrants and Tribals: Survival Strategies in Asia
by G.K. Lieten, Olga Nieuwenhuys and Loes Schenk-Sandbergen (eds.)

Secular Values for Secular India
by P.C. Chatterji

Hinduism and Buddhism
by Keshavaram N. Iengar and Rama P. Coomaraswamy (eds.)


Art Experience
by M. Hiriyanna

Mathura: A District Memoir
by F.S. Growse

The Civilian`s South India: Some Places and People in Madras
by Civilian

Buddhist India
by T. W. Rhys Davids


Early Jesuit Travellers in Central Asia 1603-1721
by C. Wessels

An Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama in Tibet
by Samuel Turner

Mandelslo`s Travels in Western India ( 1638-1639 )
by M.S. Commissariat

Mesmerism in India and Its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine
by James Esdaile


The Aryans: A Study of Indo-European Origins
by V. Gordon Childe

Women, Gender and the Legacy of Slavery and Indenture
by Farzana Gounder, Amba Pande, Kalpana Hiralal and Maurits S. Hassankhan (Eds.)

Ordeal at Lucknow: The Defence of the Residency
by Michael Joyce

Hastings and the Rohilla War
by Sir John Strachey


To the Snows of Tibet Through China
by A. E. Pratt

Women in Contemporary India: Traditional Images and Changing Roles
by Alfred de Souza (ed.)

From Obscurity to Light: Women in Early Medieval Orissa (Seventh to Twelfth Centuries AD)
by Devika Rangachari

Kargil: Blood on the Snow: Tactical Victory, Strategic Failure: A Critical Analysis of the War
by Maj. Gen. Ashok Kalyan Verma


Epic and Argument in Sanskrit Literary History
by Sheldon Pollock (Ed.)

A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary: With Transliteration, Accentuation, and Etymological Analysis Throughout
by Arthur Anthony Macdonell

Muslims, Nationalism and the Partition: 1946 Provincial Elections in India
by Sho Kuwajima

Women in Peasant Movements: Tebhaga, Naxalite and After
by Debal K. Singha Roy


The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965
by P.V.S. Jagan Mohan and Samir Chopra

The Unfought War of 1962: An Appraisal
by Raghav Sharan Sharma

Mere Sach Sapnile
by Susmita Basu Majumdar

Gallant Haryana: The First and Crucial Battlefield of AD 1857
by C.B. Singh Sheoran



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