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Records 1 to 40 of 581

History of the Panjab Hill States (2 Vols. Set)
by J. Hutchison and J. Ph. Vogel

India in the Fifteenth Century: Being a Collection of Narratives of Voyages to India
by R.H. Major (ed.)

Gujarat and the Gujaratis: Pictures of Men and Manners Taken from Life
by Behramji M. Malabari

A History of Indian Philosophy: The Philosophy of the Bhagavata Purana, Madhva, Vallabha and Gaudiya School of Vaisnavism (Volume IV)
by Surendranath Dasgupta


A Reverse Dictionary of Urdu
by Donald A. Becker

Tribes, Forest and Social Formation in Indian History
by B.B. Chaudhuri and Arun Bandopadhyay (eds.)

The Middle Class in Colonial Malabar: A Social History
by Sreejith K.

The History and Status of Londlords and Tenants in the United Provinces (India)
by S. N. A. Jafri


Sikhim and Bhutan: Twenty-one Years on the North-East Frontier 1887-1908
by J. Claude White

Secular Values for Secular India
by P.C. Chatterji

Folk Tales of Sind and Guzarat
by C. A. Kincaid

Arts Patronage in India: Methods, Motives and Markets
by Joan L. Erdman


Art Experience
by M. Hiriyanna

Alberuni`s India: An Account of the Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geography, Chronology, Astronomy, Customs, Law and Astrology of India about AD 1030 (2 Vols. Set)
by Edward C. Sachau (ed.)

The Railways in Colonial South Asia: Economy, Ecology and Culture
by Ganeswar Nayak (ed.)

The Folklore of Bombay
by R.E. Enthoven


Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet
by Captain Knight

Ajmer: Historical and Descriptive
by Diwan Bahadur Har Bilas Sarda

Early Jesuit Travellers in Central Asia 1603-1721
by C. Wessels

The Journal of John Jourdain 1608-1617: Describing His Experiences In Arabia, India, and the Malay Archipelago
by William Foster (ed.)


Urban Wage Earners in Seventeenth Century India: Artisans, Labourers, Service Providers and Entertainers
by Nishat Manzar

The King`s Three Bodies: Essays on Kingship and Ritual
by Burkhard Schnepel

The Revenue Manual of Rajasthan (Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries)
by Jibraeil (ed.)

The Silappadikaram
by V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar (Trans.)


Mesmerism in India and Its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine
by James Esdaile

The Aryans: A Study of Indo-European Origins
by V. Gordon Childe

The Heritage of the Sikhs
by Harbans Singh

Sir Henry Lawrence: The Pacificator
by Lieut. General J.J. Mcleod Innes


Milestones in Gujarati Literature
by Krishnalal M. Jhaveri

A History of Urdu Literature
by T. Grahame Bailey

Inscriptions of Bengal: (Being a Corpus of Inscriptions of the Muslim Rulers of Bengal from 1233 to 1855 AC)
by Shamsud-din Ahmed (ed.)

Social Aspects of Health, Medicine and Disease in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Era
by Henk Menke, Jane Buckingham, Farzana Gounder, Ashutosh Kumar and Maurits S. Hassankhan (Eds.)


Women, Gender and the Legacy of Slavery and Indenture
by Farzana Gounder, Amba Pande, Kalpana Hiralal and Maurits S. Hassankhan (Eds.)

Touring in Sikkim and Tibet
by David Macdonald

Emergence of Political Awakening in Kashmir: A Study in Political cum Socio-Economic Background to 1931 Upsurge
by Upinder K. Zutshi

Why Should We Be Called ` Coolies ` ? : The End of Indian Indentured Labour
by Radica Mahase


Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and South India under French Rule: From Francois Martin to Dupleix 1674-1754
by J.B.P. More

Bhoja Raja
by P.T. Srinivasa Ayyangar

Tribal and Peasant Life in Nineteenth Century India
by V. Ball

Voyages to the East Indies
by Christopher Fryke and Christopher Schweitzer



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