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Neoliberalism in the Emerging Economy of India: The Political Economy of International Trade, Investment and Finance

Human Spatial Cognition and Experience: Mind in the World, World in the Mind

Toru Ishikawa

After Discourse: Things, Affects, Ethics

Mathematics Education in the Digital Age: Learning, Practice and Theory

Learner Relationships in Global Higher Education: A Critical Pedagogy for a Multicultural World

Soft Computing Techniques in Engineering, Health Mathematical and Social Sciences

Green Internet of Things for Smart Cities: Concepts, Implications, and Challenges

Statistical Methods

Donna L. Mohr, William J. Wilson and Rudolf J. Freund

The Tampitaviharas of Sri Lanka: Elevated Image- Houses in Buddhist Architecture

Dhammika P. Chandrasekara and Kapila D. Silva

Microbial Mitigation of Stress Response of Food Legumes

Handbook of Bayesian Variable Selection

Microgrids: Design, Challrnges, and Prospects

Environmental Humanities in the New Himalayas: Symbiotic Indigeneity, Commoning, Sustainability

Behavior Analysis with Machine Learning Using R

Enrique Garcia Ceja

The Tunisian Revolution and Democratic Transition: The Role of Al-Nahdah

Mohammad Dawood Sofi

Enhanced Telemedicine and e-Health: Advanced lot Enabled Soft Computing Framework

Blockchain for Healthcare Systems: Challenges, Privacy, and Securing of Data

Application of Nanomaterials in Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

Jayeeta Chattopadhyay and Nimmy Srivastava

Disruptive Leadership for Organizations: Strategies & Innovations in a Digitalized Economy

Dr. Walter Amedzro St- Hilaire

Bengalis in Burma: A Colonial Encounter (1886 -1948)

Parthasarathi Bhaumik

Seeing South Asia: Visuals Beyond Borders

Mumbai/ Bombay: Majoritarian Neoliberalism, Informality, Resistance, and Wellbenig

Introduction to Corporate Communication: Case Studies from India

Charu Lata Singh and Mona Gupta

J. Krishnamurti: Educator for Peace

Meenakshi Thapan

The Sheathed Sword: From Nuclear Brink to No First Use

Uneasy Translations Self, Experience and Indian Literature

Rita Kothari

India and the Traveller: Aspects of Travelling Identity

Videogames in the Indian Subcontinent Development, Culture (s) and Representations

Souvik Mukherjee

Political Change in an Indian State: Mysore 1917-1955

James Manor

Women and Violence in India: Gender, Oppression and the Politics of Neoliberalism

Tamsin Bradley

Diversity and Pluralism in Islam, Historical and Contemporary Discourses Amongst Muslims

Sufism Today: Heritage and Tradition in the Global Community

Endgame: Britain, Russia and the Final Struggle for Central Asia

Jennifer Siegel

India and Central Asia: The Mythmaking and International Relations of a Rising Power

Emilian Kavalski

History in the Public Domain

Raziuddin Aquil

Of Sacred and Secular Desire: An Anthology of Lyrical Writings from the Punjab

Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh

Perspectives on Power: India and China

P.V. Pillai

Maxima Moralia: Meditations on the Otherness of the Other

Ramin Jahanbegloo

Transborder Pastoral Nomadism and Human Secrity in Africa: Focus on West Africa

Gandhi in India's Literary and Cultural Imagination

Electoral Dynamics in the States of India

Introduction to Sociology: Concepts and Theories

Brij Mohan

Cartooning China: Punch, Power, & Politics in the Victorian Era

Amy Matthewson

SDG11, Sustainable Cities and Communities: Moving Forward with the Circular Economy

Pakistan's Wars: An Alternative History

Tariq Rahman

Politics, Ethics and the Self: Re-reading Gandhi's Hind Swaraj

Tort Law in Bangladesh: Applications and Challenges

Sakif Alam

Women on Boards in China and India: Corporate Regulation and Gender Empowerment

Alice De Jonge

The Raj and the Rajas: Money and Coinage in Colonial India

Negotiating Democracy and Religious Pluralism India, Pakistan, and Turkey

Books of Special Interest

Theatre in Ancient India

Siddheswar Chattopadhyay

A History of Indian Literature VolumeII Fasc.3:The Puranas

Ludo Rocher

Understanding the Coins of Bengal: Ancient to Early Modern Period

Md. Shariful Islam & Md. Mosharrof Hossain

The Magic in the Image: Women in Clay at Mohenjo-daro and Harappa

Shereen Ratnagar

In Search of Immortality: An Introduction to Indic World-Views

Jaidev Dasgupta

Brexit and Liberal Democracy: Populism, Sovereignty, and the Nation-State

Amir Ali

Bengal: The Nationalist Movement 1876-1940

Leonard A. Gordon

Urban Green Space, Health Economics and Air Pollution in Delhi

Swati Rajput, Kavita Arora and Rachna Mathur


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