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History of Kannur and North Malabar: Kolatiri, Arakkal and Mysore Sultans

Leena More

Handbook of Indo-Pacific Studies

The Handbook of Journalism Studies (Second Edition)

Physical Geography: The Basics (Second Edition)

Joseph Holden

Religious Offence and Censorship of Publications: An Enquiry through the Prism of Indian Laws and the Judiciary

Nishant Kumar

Religion, Landscape and Material Culture in Pre-Modern South Asia

The Archaeology of the Natha Sampradaya in Western India, 12th to 15th Century

Vijay Sarde

Punjab in Prosperity and Violence: Administration, Politics and Social Change, 1947-1997

A History of Arabic Literature

Krishna Chaitanya

The Weights of Mughal India

R.J. Willis

Early Women's Writings in Orissa 1898-1950: A Lost Tradition

The Myth of Sarvodaya: A Study of Vinoba's Concept

Shrinivas Tilak

Coping With Global Institutional Change: A Tale of India's Textile and Pharmaceutical Industries

Preet S. Aulakh, Raveendra Chittor

The International Law of The Sea (3rd Edition)

Donald R Rothwell and Tim Stephens

The Actor and His Body (4th Edition)

Litz Pisk

Alternative and Mainstream Media: The Converging Spectrum

Linda Jean Kenix

Security In Cyberspace: Targeting Nations, Infrastructures, Individuals

Democracy and Its Others

Jeffrey H. Epstein

Postcolonial Geographies

Alison Blunt and Cheryl Mcewan

Victorian Literature and Culture

Maureen Moran

State Responsibility, Climate Change And Human Rights Under International Law

Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh

Virtue Ethics

Nafsika Athanassoulis

Garments Without Guilt?: GlobalLabour Justice and Ethical Codes in Sri Lankan Apparels

Kanchana N. Ruwanpura

Designing Indicators for A Plural Legal World

Siddharth Peter De Souza

Colonial Institutions and Civil War: Indirect Rule and Maoist Insurgency In India

Shivaji Mukherjee

Machiavelli Then and Now: History, Politics, Literature

Reverse Subsidies In Global Monopsony Capitalism: Gender, Labour, and Environmental Injustice In Garment Value Chains

Dev Nathan, Shikha Silliman Bhattacharjee, S. Rahul and Purushottam Kumar

Medical Innovation and Disease Burden: Conflicting Priorities and the Social Divide In India

Sobin George

Epicentre to Aftermath: Rebuilding and Remembering in the Wake of Nepal's Earthquakes

Governing Thirdness: State, Society, and Non-Binary Identities in Pakistan

Muhammad Azfar Nisar

Industrialisation for Employment and Growth In India: Lessons from Small Firm Clusters and Beyond

The Politics of Maritime Power: A Survey (First Edition)

Maritime Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Drivers and Challenges

Christian Le Miere

A History of Economic Policy in India: Crisis, Coalitions, and Contingency

Rahul De

A Political Theory of Money

Anush Kapadia

Marginalities and Mobilities Among India's Muslims: Elusive Citizenship

The Politics of Ethnic Renewal in Darjeeling: Gorkhas and the Struggle for Tribal Recognition

Nilamber Chhetri

Mahasweta Devi: Writer, Activist, Visionary

Unfolding Feminism in India: Women, Power and Politics

Skylab Sahu

Dalits in India: Religion as a Source of Bondage or Liberation with Special Reference to Christians

James Massey

How India Lost Her Freedom

Pandit Sunderlal

History, Archaeology and Ideology: Essays on Intellectual and Social History of Early India

Krishna Mohan Shrimali

Numerical Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

A. Chandrasekar

After Work: A History of the Home and the Fight for Free Time

Helen Hester & Nick Srnicek

Energy Transfers in Fluid Flows: Multiscale And Spectral Perspectives

Mahendra K. Verma

Theatres of Feeling Affect, Performance, and the Eighteenth- Century Stage

Jean I. Marsden

American Women's Literature

Online Algorithms

Rahul Vaze

Quantum Chromodynamics at High Energy

Yuri V. Kovchegov and Eugene Levin

Pearls of: Algorithm Engineering

Paolo Ferragina

Books of Special Interest

IBN Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354

H. A. R. Gibb

Theatre in Ancient India

Siddheswar Chattopadhyay

A History of Indian Literature VolumeII Fasc.3:The Puranas

Ludo Rocher

Understanding the Coins of Bengal: Ancient to Early Modern Period

Md. Shariful Islam & Md. Mosharrof Hossain

The Magic in the Image: Women in Clay at Mohenjo-daro and Harappa

Shereen Ratnagar

In Search of Immortality: An Introduction to Indic World-Views

Jaidev Dasgupta

Brexit and Liberal Democracy: Populism, Sovereignty, and the Nation-State

Amir Ali

Bengal: The Nationalist Movement 1876-1940

Leonard A. Gordon


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