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Learning without Burden: Where are we a Quarter Century after the Yash Pal Committee Report?

Mythili Ramchand, Ritesh Khunyakari and Arindam Bose

Histories, Myths and Decolonial Interventions: A Planetary Resistance

Arti Nirmal and Sayan Dey

Supply Chain Management and Corporate Governance: Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory and Robust Optimisation

Catherine Xiaocui Lou, Sardar M. N. Islam and Nicholas Billington

Complexity Economics: Economic Governance, Science and Policy

Oliver Kovacs

Nato and the Strategic Defence Initiative: A Transatlantic History of the Star Wars Programme

Luc-Andre Brunet

New Great Game in the Indo-Pacific: Rediscovering India's Pragmatism and Paradoxes

Bawa Singh, Aslam Khan, Parvaiz Ahmad Thoker and Mansoor Ahmad Lone

Economics and Art Theory

Stratos Myrogiannis and Constantinos Repapis

Sustainability and Megaproject Development

Franca Cantoni and Edoardo Favari

Democratic Despotism: Politics of Primitive Accumulation in India

Swagato Sarkar

Sustainability Accounting Management Control and Reporting

Pierre Baret, Lucrezia Songini and Anna Pistoni

Gener Dynamiucs in Tranboundary Water Governance: Feminist Perspectives on Water Conflict and Cooperation

Jenniver Sehring,Rozemarijn Ter Horst and Margreet Zwarteveen

The Economics of Gender and Sport: A Quantitative Analysis of Women's Cricket

Vani Kant Borooah

Metaphors in the History of Economic Thought: Crisis, Business Cycles and Equilibrium

Roberto Branzini and Daniele Besomi

Activism and Authoritarian Governance in Asia

Amy Barrow and Sara Fuller

Science, War and Imperialism: India in the Second World War

Jagdish N. Sinha

Gender: The Basics (Second Edition)

Hilary M. Lips

Women's Studies: The Basics (Second Edition)

Bonnie G. Smith

Sociology: The Basics (Third Edition)

Ken Plummer

History: What and Why?: Ancient, Modern, and Postmodern Perspectives (2nd Edition)

Beverley Southgate

Research Methods: The Key Concepts (Second Edition)

Michael Hammond and Jarry Wellington

Making History: An Introduction to the History and Practices of a Discipline

Peter Lambert and Philipp Schofield

Caste, Class and Catholicism in India 1789-1914

Kenneth Ballhatchet

Environmental Sociology (Fourth Edition)

John Hannigan

Pierre Bourdieu (Revised Edition)

Richard Jenkins

A Description of the Character, Manners and Customs of the People of India and of their Institutions, Religious and Civil

Abbe J.A. Dubois

Research Methods: The Basics (Third Edition)

Nicholas Walliman

Ruling the Void: The Hollowing of Western Democracy

Peter Mair

Conservation Agriculture in India: A Paradigm Shift for Sustainable Production

A.R. Sharma

Marine Conservation and International Law: Legal Instruments for Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction

Sarah Louise Lothian

India-Japan- Asean Triangularity: Emergence of A Possible Indo- Pacific Axis?

Jagannath P. Panda

Jihadism in Pakistan: Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and The Local Militants

Antonio Giustozzi

On the Subject of Citizenship

Suren Pillay

Democratization: A Thematic Approach

Stephen Noakes and Chris Wilson

World History: The Basic

Peter N Stearns

Education: The Basic

Kay Wood

Fifty Key Sociologistics

John Scott

Practicing History: New Directions in Historical Writing After the Linguistic Turn

Gabrielle M Spiegel

Fifty Key Sociologists: The Formative Theorists

John Scott

A Twentieth-Century Literature Reader: Texts and Debates

Suman Gupta and David Johnson

Anthropology: The Basic

Peter Metcalf

Communicating: The Multiple Modes of Human Communication 2nd Edition

Ruth Finnegan

The Mughals and the North-East: Encounter and Assimilation in Medieval India

Sajal Nag

Human Rights, Tribal Movements and Violence: Tribal Tenacity in the Twenty-first Century in Central Eastern India

Debasree De

Encounter and Interventions: Christian Missionaries in Colonial North-East India

Sajal Nag and M. Satish Kumar

Black Magic, Witchcraft and Occultism: Secret Cultural Practices in India

Sajal Nag

Round Table Conference Geographies: Constituting Colonial India in Interwar London

Stephen Legg

A Philosophy of Faith: Belief, Truth and Varieties of Commitment

Finlay Malcolm and Michael Scott

Buddhism, Cognitive Science, and the Doctrine of Selflessness: A Revolution in our Self- Conception

Hugh Nicholson

Anglo- Chinese Encounters Before The Opium War: A Tale of Two Empires Over Two Centuries

Xin Liu

Contemporary Issues in Islamic Law, Economics and Finance: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Flavia Cortelezzi and Alessandro Ferrari

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