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Disruptive Leadership for Organizations: Strategies & Innovations in a Digitalized Economy

Dr. Walter Amedzro St- Hilaire

Bengalis in Burma: A Colonial Encounter (1886 -1948)

Parthasarathi Bhaumik

Seeing South Asia: Visuals Beyond Borders

Dev Nath Pathak, Biswajit Das and Ratan Kumar Roy

Mumbai/ Bombay: Majoritarian Neoliberalism, Informality, Resistance, and Wellbenig

Sujata Patel, D. Parthasarathy and George Jose

Introduction to Corporate Communication: Case Studies from India

Charu Lata Singh and Mona Gupta

J. Krishnamurti: Educator for Peace

Meenakshi Thapan

Political Change in an Indian State: Mysore 1917-1955

James Manor

History in the Public Domain

Raziuddin Aquil

Perspectives on Power: India and China

P.V. Pillai

Saltnatkalin Itihas: (1200-1500)

Ashutosh Kumar

India's Pakistan Conundrum: Managing a Complex Relationship

Sharat Sabharwal

The History of Bengal: Muslim Period (1200 AD-1757 AD) (Vol. II)

Sir Jadunath Sarkar

The History of Bengal: Hindu Period (Vol. I)

R.C. Majumdar

Women Voters in Indian Elections: Changing Trends and Emerging Patterns

Sanjay Kumar

Studies in Aurangzib's Reign

Sir Jadunath Sarkar

Contributions to the Study of Indo-Portuguese Numismatics

J. Gerson Da Cunha

India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons

Rajiv Bhatia

Ladak: Physical, Statistical and Historical with Notices of the Surrounding Countries

Alexander Cunningham

Making India Great Again: Learning From Our History

Meeta and Rajivlochan

Narcissus or Machiavelli?: Learning Leadership from Indian Prime Ministers

Nishant Uppal

Servant of Sahibs: A Book to be Read Aloud

Ghulam Rassul Galwan

City Planning in India, 1947-2017

Ashok Kumar and Sanjeev Vidyarthi and Poonam Prakash

Panjab Castes: Races, Castes and Tribes of the People of Panjab

Denzil Ibbetson

Science and the Indian Tradition: When Einstein Met Tagore

David L.Gosling

Ancient India in Historical Outline, 4th Revised Edition

D.N. Jha

Tribal and Peasant Life in Nineteenth Century India

V. Ball

A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography History, and Literature

John Dowson

Mostly About Bengal: Essays in Modern South Asian History

John Broomfield

Emeging Trends in Indian Politics: The 15th General Election

Ajay K. Mehra

The India-Pakistan Nuclear Relationship: Theories of Deterrence and International Relations

E. Sridharan

Memoirs of a Bengal Civilian

John Beames

Making of India's Northeast: Geopolitics of Borderland and Transnational Interactions

Dilip Gogoi

Modernization and Social Change Among Muslims in India

Imtiaz Ahmad

Family, Kinship and Marriage Among Muslims in India

Imtiaz Ahmad

Early Buddhist Mythology

JR Haldar

Agrarian Society of the Punjab 1849-1901

Himadri Banerjee

The Sikhs and Their Literature (A Guide to Tracts, Books and Periodicals, 1849-1919)

N. Gerald Barrier

Banned: Controversial Literature and Political Control in British India 1907-1947

N. Gerald Barrier

From Prosperity to Decline Eighteenth Century Bengal

Sushil Chaudhury

A History of Indian Literature Volume IX Fasc.3: Bengali Literature

Dusan Zbavitel Jan Gonda

A History of Indian Literature Volume III Fasc. 1: A History of Classical Poetry Sanskrit- Pali- Prakrit

Siegfried Lienhard

A History of Indian Literature Volume VI Fasc.3: Samkhya Literature

Michel Hulin Jan Gonda

A History of Indian Literature Volume X Fasc.2: The Relation between Tamil and Classical Sanskrit Literature

George Luzerne Hart

A History of Indian Literature Volume VIII Fasc.5: Hindi Literature in the Twentieth Century

Peter Gaeffke

A History of Indian Literature Volume V Fasc.4: Indian Lexicography

Claus Vogel

A History of Indian Literature Volume VI Fasc.2: Nyaya-Vaisesika

Bimal krishna Matilal

A History of Indian Literature Volume I Fasc.2: The Ritual Sutras

Jan Gonda

A History of Indian Literature Volume IX Fasc.4:Classical Marathi Literature From The BeginningTo A.D.1818

Shankar Gopal Tulpule

A History of Indian Literature Volume IX Fasc.1:Sindhi Literature

Annemarie Schimmel

A History of Indian literature Volume IX Fasc.2: Assamese Literature

Satyendra Nath Sarma

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