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A History of Indian Literature Volume IV Fasc.1:Subhasita, Gnomic and Didactic Literature

Ludwik Sternbach

The Voice and the Will: Subaltem Agency Forms and Motives

Guy Poitevin

The Pandit: Traditional Scholarship in India

Axel Michaels

Suicide of the West:: Updated with a New Preface: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Nataionalism and Socialism is Destroying American Democracy

Jonah Goldberg

Calixarenes in The Nanoworld

Jacques Vicens, Jack Harrowfield

Emerging Asia: Chellenges for India and Singapore

N.N. Vohra

The Forging of Nationhood

Gyanendra Pandey, Peter Geschiere

Economic Reforms and Industrial Structure in India

Shuji Uchikawa

Pangs of Partition: The Parting of Ways (Volume I)

S. Settar, Indira B. Gupta

Tantrabhidhana: A Tantric Lexicon

N.N. Bhattacharyya

Political Islam in the Indian Subcontinent: The Jammat-i-Islami

Frederic Grare

Postcolonial India: History, Politics and Culture.

Vinita Damodaran, Maya Unnithan Kumar

India 50 Years of Independence:1947-97 Status, Growth & Development Rural Dvelopment

Satya Sundaram

The Derrida-Habermas Reader

Lasse Thomassen

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