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Economics of Development (Tenth Edition)

A.P.Thirlwall and Penelope Pacheco-Lopez

Ancient History of the Deccan


Small Island, Large Ocean: Mauritius and the Indian Ocean World

Burkhard Schnepel

Marketing Strategy: Based on First Principles and Data Analytics (2nd Edition )

Robert W.Palmatier and Shrihari sridhar

The War on the Uyghurs: China's Campaign Against Xinjiang's Muslims

Sean R.Roberts

English Linguistic Imperialism From Below:Moral Aspiration and Social Mobility

Leya Mathew

Fruit of Knowledge, Wheel of Learning Essays in Honour of Carole Hillenbrand

The Umayyad Mosque of Damascuks: Art, Faith and Empire in Early Islam

Alain rge

Treasures of Herat: Two Manuscripts of the Khamsah of Nizami in the British Library

Barbara Brend

Doing History: Investigating With Children in Elementary and Middle Schools (Sixth Edition)

Linda S.Levstik and Keith C.Barton

The Passenger Experience of Air Travel: A Critical Approach

The Resistible Corrosion of Europe's Center-Left Afer 2008

Communists in Closets: Queering the History 1930s-1990s

Bettina Aptheker

Milestones in Asian American Theatre

Imitation Democracy: The Development of Russia's Post-Soviet Political System

Dmitrii Furman

Autonomy Support Beyond the Language Learning Classroom: A Self-Detemination Theory Perspective

Sexuality in Greek and Roman Society and Literature: A Sourcebook (Second Edition )

Marguerite Johnson

Doing Digital History; A Beginner's Guide to Working With Text As Data

Jonathan Blaney, Sarah Milligan, Marty Steer and Jane Winters

Monumental Lies: Culture Wars and the Truth About the Past

Robert Bevan

White Supremacy, Racism and the Coloniality of Anti-Trafflicking

An Introductory Guide to Easing the Learning Curve

Eric L. Einspruch

Campus Sexual Violence: A State of institutionalized Sexual Terrorism

Sarah Prior and Brooke A.De Heer

The Next Enlightenment: Reimagining Consciousness, Wealth, and the Future of Humanity

William Nanda BIssell

Indo-Pacific Empire: China, America and the Contest for the World's Pivotal Region

Rory Medcalf

The Anthropology of Power, Agency, and Morality: And Morality: The Enduring Legacy of F.G.Bailey

Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation

Sophie Lewis

Power and Resistance: Foucault, Deleuze Derrida, Althusser

Yoshiyuki Sato

Towards a Green Democratic Revolution: Left Populism and the Power of Affects

Chantal Mouffe

Radius: A Story of Feminist Revolution

Yasmin El-Ridae

Urban Histories of Rajasthan: Religion, Politics and Society (1550-1800)

Elizabeth M.Thelen

Organize Fight Wim: Black Communist Women's Plitical Writing

The Sikh View on Happiness

Guru Arjan's Sukhmani

An Introduction to Engaged Buddhism

Paul Fuller

Contested Concepts in the Study of Religion: A Critical Exploration

George D. Chryssides and Amy R. Whitehead

India's Fragile Borderlands: The Dynamics of Terrorism in North East India

Archana Upadhyay

New Spaces of Exploration: Geographies of Discovery in the Twentieth Century

Race and Power in British India: Anglo-Indians, Class and Identity in the Nineteenth Century

Valerie Anderson

Communalism and Sexual Violence in India: The Politics of Gender, Ethnicity and Conflict

Megha Kumar

Mapping Frontiers Across Medieval Islam: Geography, Translation and the 'Abbasid Empire

Travis Zadeh

Sikh Militancy in the Seventeenth Century: Religious Violence in Mughal and Early Modern India

Hardip Singh Syan

The Indian Bourgeoisie: A Political History of the Indian Capitalist Class in the Early Twentieth Century

David Lockwood

Founding the Fatimid State: The Rise of an Early Islamic Empire

Hamid Haji

Urban Histories of Rajasthan: Religion, Politics and Society (1550-1800)

Elizabeth M. Thelen

Hinduism in Middle India: Narasimha, The Lord of the Middle

Lavanya Vemsani

Henri Lefebvre and the Theory of the Production of Space

Christian Schmid

Beyond Religion in india and Pakistan: Gender and Caste, Borders and Boundaries

Virinder S. Kalra & Navtej K. Purewal

Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology

Comparative Government and Politics: An Introduction 12th Edition

John Mccormick, Rod Hague and Martin Harrop

Researching Communications: A Practical Guide to Methods in Media and Cultural Analysis

David Deacon, Graham Murdock, Michael Pickering and Peter Golding

The Basics: Archarological theeory

Robert Chapman

Books of Special Interest

IBN Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354

H. A. R. Gibb

A History of Indian Literature VolumeII Fasc.3:The Puranas

Ludo Rocher

Understanding the Coins of Bengal: Ancient to Early Modern Period

Md. Shariful Islam & Md. Mosharrof Hossain

The Magic in the Image: Women in Clay at Mohenjo-daro and Harappa

Shereen Ratnagar

In Search of Immortality: An Introduction to Indic World-Views

Jaidev Dasgupta

Brexit and Liberal Democracy: Populism, Sovereignty, and the Nation-State

Amir Ali

Bengal: The Nationalist Movement 1876-1940

Leonard A. Gordon

Urban Green Space, Health Economics and Air Pollution in Delhi

Swati Rajput, Kavita Arora and Rachna Mathur


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