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Records 41 to 80 of 1845

Mundari Grammar and Exercises and Exercises
by John Baptist Hoffmann

Traditions and Institutions of the Santals
by P.O. Bodding

Longing for Sunshine
by Syed Abdul Malik

Male Madeshwara: A Kannada Oral Epic
by K. Keshavan Prasad


Manderangni Jagring: Images of the Garos in Bangladesh
by Ellen Bal

The Khasis Under British Rule 1824-1947
by Helen Giri

Assam in the Eighteenth Century
by Ramesh Chandra Kalita

Evolution of Land Grants and Labour Policy of Government: The Growth of the Tea Industry in Assam 1834-1940
by Muhammed Abu B. Siddique


Political Life in Assam: During the Nineteenth Century
by B.B. Hazarika

A Statistical Account of Assam (in two volumes)
by W.W. Hunter

Bengali and other Related Dialects of South Assam
by S.S. Tunga

Aspects of Indentured Inland Emigration to North-East India 1859-1918
by J.C. Jha


Cachar Under British Rule in North East India
by J.B. Bhattacharjee

Impact of the West on Khasis and Jaintias: A Survey of Political Economic and Social Change
by P.N. Dutta

Reconceptualising Caste, Class and Tribe
by K.L. Sharma

Constitutional Protection to Scheduled Tribes in India: In Retrospect and Prospect
by P.L. Mehta


Music of Eastern India: Vocal Music in Bengali, Oriya, Assamese and Manipuri with Special Emphasis on Bengali
by Sukumar Ray

The Todas (2 Vols.)
by W.H.R. Rivers

Unknown Women: Aged, Widowed, Tribals & Urbans
by Ranjana Ray, Soumitra Basu, Paromita Dasgupta

Perception of Folk Environment
by Syamalkanti Sengupta


The Indo-Aryan Languages
by George Cardona, Dhanesh Jain

Tribal Co-Operatives in India
by H.R. Krishnaiah Gowda

Peoples of South Asia
by Clarence Maloney

The Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India: A Portrait of the Santals
by W.G. Archer


The Politics of Drugs and India`s Northeast
by Soma Ghosal

Habitat, Economy and Society: A Geographical Introduction to Ethnology
by C. Daryll Forde

Years of Change in Bengal & Assam
by Sir Robert Reid

Legends of Origin of the Castes and Tribes of Eastern India
by G.K. Ghosh, Shukla Ghosh


Beyond the Canvas: Critical Vision of an Indian Painter
by Soubhagya Pathy

The Story of an Indian Upland
by Birt F.B. Bradley

Regionalism, State and the Emerging Political Pattern in India: A New Approach
by Ajeya Sarkar

Social Change of Indian Tribes: Impact of Planning and Economic Development
by P.K. Khare


The Anatomy of Rural Poverty in Assam: A Case Study of Dibrugarh Sub-Division
by A. Ahmed

Birjia: Society and Culture: (A Study in Cultural Ecological Perspective)
by Samira Dasgupta

Campbell`s English Santali Dictionary
by R.M. Macphail

The Khasis
by P.R.T. Gurdon


The Meitheis
by T.C. Hodson

Tribal Peasantry Dynamics of Development
by Jaganath Pathy

Genetics of Castes and Tribes of India
by M.K. Bhasin, H.C.H. Walter

The Social History of Kamarupa
by Nagendra Nath Vasu



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