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Records 41 to 80 of 2335

The Global Threat of Terror: Ideological, Material and Political Linkages
by K. P. S. Gill, Ajai Sahni

The Assassination & After
by Arun Shourie & Others

Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence
by Mark Juergensmeyer

Pakistan After 9/11
by Sreedhar


States, Nations, Sovereignity: Sri Lanka, India and the Tamil Eelam Movement
by Sumantra Bose

Roots of Terrorism
by Kanti P. Bajpai

Fighting for Faith and Nation: Dialogues with Sikh Militants
by Cynthia Keepley Mahmood

Kashmir: Towards Insurgency: Tracts for the Times / 4
by Balraj Puri


The Limits of British Influence: South Asia and the Anglo-American Relationship, 1947-56
by Anita Inder Singh

Ethnic Conflict and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka
by Chelvadurai Manogaran

Afghanistan and the Taliban: The Rebirth of Fundamentalism
by William Maley

The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity
by Tariq Ali


Flight Into Fear: The Captain`s Story
by Devi Sharan, Srinjoy Chowdhury

The Lost Rebellion: Kashmir in the Nineties
by Manoj Joshi

The War on Terror: Reordering the World
by Ninan Koshy

Terrorism in South Asia: Impact on Development and Democratic Process
by Sridhar K. Khatri, Gert W. Kueck


Operation Black Thunder: An Eyewitness Account of Terrorism in Punjab
by Sarab Jit Singh

War and Diplomacy in Kashmir, 1947-48
by C. Dasgupta

Reaping the Whirlwind: Ethnic Conflict, Ethnic Politics in Sri Lanka
by K.M. De Silva

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
by Loung Ung


Night of the Krait
by Shashi Warrier

America Embattled: September 11, Anti-Americanism and the Global Order
by Richard Crockatt

Muslim Reformist Political Thought: Revivalists, Modernists and Free Will
by Sarfraz Khan

Insurgent North-Eastern Region of India
by R. Gopalakrishnan


Terrorism and Political Violence: A Sourcebook
by M.L. Sondhi

Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge
by Arnob Goswami

The Gujarat Carnage
by Asghar Ali Engineer

Dimensions of Violence and Terrorism
by Abha Avasthi


Human Rights, Terrorism and Policing in India
by K.V. Thomas

The Dying Terrorism: Ballot Defeated Bullet in Jammu & Kashmir
by Jalil Ahmad Khan, Sudhir S. Bloeria

Political Awakening in Kashmir
by Narinder Singh

Stories of Survivors: Socio-Political Contexts of Female headed Households in Post-Terror Southern Sri Lanka (Volume I)
by Sasanka Perera


by Ram Ahuja

No End to War: Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century
by Walter Laqueur

Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948
by Tanya Reinhart

Islam Under Siege: Living Dangerously in a Post-Honor World
by Akbar S. Ahmed


The History of the Seljuq Turks: From the Jami Al-Tawarikh: An Ilkhanid Adaption of the Saljuq-nama of Zahir al-Din Nishapuri
by C. Edmund Bosworth

Sufism Music and Society: In Turkey and the Middle East
by Anders Hammerlund, Tord Olsson, Elisabeth Ozdalga

Osama Bin Laden: King of Terror or Saviour of Islam?
by Luis S.R. Vas

Religious Violence in Contemporary Japan: The Case of Aum Shinrikyo
by Ian Reader



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