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Records 41 to 80 of 600

Lao Ramayana: Gvay Dvorahbi: Rendering into English from "Lav" Language: A Comparative Study
by Sachidanand Sahai

Russian Policy Towards Central America
by Abhay Kant

Indonesian and Australian Policy in South-East Asia
by Munmu Majumdar

The English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recoliections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok.
by Anna Harriette Leonowens


Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia
by Janet Hoskins

Indonesian Ramayana: The Uttarakhanda: Translated from the Original Kawi Text
by I. Gustu Putu Phalgunadi

Rama-Legends and Rama-Reliefs in Indonesia
by Willem Stutterheim

The City as a Centre of Change in Asia
by D.J. Dwyer


Buddhist Art in India, Ceylon and Java
by J.P.H. Vogel

Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Indonesia
by Jacques Bertrand

Researches on Ptolemy`s Geography of Eastern Asia: Further India and Indo-Malay Peninsula
by G.E. Gerini

The Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten to the East Indies (Vol. 1)
by Arthur Coke Burnell, P.A. Tiele


The Buddhist Annals and Chronicles of South-East Asia
by Kanai Lal Hazra

Netherlands India: A Study of Plural Economy
by J.S. Furnivall

Literature of Java: Catalogue Raisonne of Javanese Manuscripts: Vol.I: Synopsis of Javanese Literature 900-1900 A.D.
by Theodore G. Pigeaud

Bitter Dawn: East Timor, A people`s Story
by Irena Cristalis


Encyclopaedia of the South-East Asian Ethnography: Communities and Tribes (2 Vols. Set)
by N.S. Bisht, T.S. Bankoti

History of Theravada Buddhism in South East Asia
by Kanai Lal Hazra

Mainland Southeast Asia: An Anthropological Perspective
by Ronald Provencher

Buddhist Art in South-East Asia: The Indian Influence on the Art of Thailand
by Reginald Le May


Glimpses of Early Indo-Indonesian Culture: Collected Papers of Himansu Bhusan Sarkar
by Bachchan Kumar

India, China and South-East Asia: Dynamics of Development
by M.D. David, T.R. Ghoble

Indonesia: Government and Politics
by V. Grover

Malaysia: Goverment and Politics
by V. Grover


Maldives: Goverment and Politics
by V. Grover

Singapore: Government and Politics
by V. Grover

Thailand: Government and Politics
by V. Grover

Indonesia: Society and Politics
by G.N. Jha


Introduction to Indonesian Language
by C.D. Paliwal, H.M.K. Moodgal

India and Southeast Asia: Challenges and Opportunities
by Baladas Ghoshal

South Asia and its Eastern Neighbours
by Muchkund Dubey, Nancy Jetly

South and Southeast Asia in 1990s: Indian and American Perspectives
by V. Suryanarayana


India and South East Asia Socio-Econo-Cultural Contacts
by Adhir Chakrabarti

South-East Asia and India: A Political Perspective
by Ganganath Jha

Ethnic Politics in South-East Asia and Quest for Identity
by Ganga Nath Jha

The Contemporary History of LAOS
by Patit Paban Mishra


Pancasila the Foundation of the Indonesian Republic
by Munmum Majumdar

Hindu Colonies in the Far East
by R.C. Majumdar

Trade and Commercial Activities of Southern India in the Malayo-Indonesian World
by H.B. Sarkar

Terms of Refuge: The Indochinese Exodus and the International Response
by W. Courtland Robinson



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