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Madrasas in South Asia: Teaching Terror?
by Jamal Malik

The Age of Shiva
by Manil Suri

The Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics
by William Schweiker

Soaring and Settling: Buddhist Perspectives on Contemporary Social and Religious Issues
by Rita M. Gross


The Annual Review of Women in World Religions (Vol. 6)
by Arvind Sharma and Katherine K. Young

Divine Enterprise: Gurus and the Hindu Nationalist Movement
by Lise McKean

Sufi Castigator: Ahmad Kasravi and the Iranian Mystical Tradition
by Lloyd Ridgeon

Tibetan and Zen Buddhism in Britain: Transplantion, Development and Adaptation
by David N. Kay


Writing and Representation in Medieval Islam: Muslim Horizons
by Julia Bray

Mindfulness in Early Buddhism: New Approaches through Psychology and Textual Analysis of Pali, Chinese and Sanskrit Sources
by Tse-Fu Kuan

Medieval Islamic Pragmatics: Sunni Legal Theorists` Models of Textual Communication
by Mohamed M. Yunis Ali

Islam Without Allah?: The Rise of Religious Externalism in Safavid Iran
by Colin Turner


Islam in a Changing World: Europe and the Middle East
by A. Jerichow and J. Baek Simonsen

Early Mystics in Turkish Literature
by Mehmed Faud Koprulu

Buddhist Manuscript Cultures: Knowledge, Ritual, and Art
by Stephen C. Berkwitz, Juliane Schober and Claudia Brown

The Political Role of Mongol Buddhism: The Uralic and Altaic Series (Vol. 133)
by Larry William Moses


Islam: The View from the Edge
by Richard W. Bulliet

The Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism: Two Works by Al-Hakim Al-Tirmidhi
by Bernd Radtke and John O`Kane

Sikhism: In the Context of Indian Spiritual Tradition
by Parminder Kaur

Sibawayh on ?imalah (Inclination)
by Solomon I.Sara


The New Islamic Dynasties: A Chronological and Genealogical Manual
by Clifford Edmund Bosworth

Philosophy of Religion A - Z
by Patrick Quinn

Notes From the Fortune-Telling Parrot: Islam and the Struggle for Religious Pluralism in Pakistan
by David Pinault

The Buddhist Visnu: Religious Transformation,Politics, and Culture
by John Clifford Holt


The Mahabharata Patriline: Gender, Culture and the Royal Hereditary
by Simon Pearse Brodbeck

A Glossary of Islam: Dominique Sourdel and Janine Sourdel-Thomine
by Caroline Higgitt

Wild Ivy: The Spiritual Autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin
by Norman Waddell

Dharma, Color, and Culture: New Voices in Western Buddhism
by Hilda Gutierrez Baldoquin


Not Turning Away: The Practice of Engaged Buddhism
by Susan Moon

Rethinking Religion in India: The Colonial Construction of Hinduism
by Esther Bloch, Marianne Keppens and Rajaram Hegde

An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology
by Marcus Milwright

Hanuman Ji: His Vanars and his Lanka
by Parvez Dewan


Dalit Theology and Dalit Liberation: Problems, Paradigms and Possibilities
by Peniel Rajkumar

Sarmad the Saint: Life and Works
by M.G. Gupta

A World of Insecurity: Anthropological Perspectives on Human Security
by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Ellen Bal and Oscar Salemink

The Foreign Encounter in Myth and Religion: Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy (Vol. II)
by Kees van der Piji


The Quest for the True Cross
by Carsten Peter Thiede and Matthew d` Ancona

Health, Culture and Religion in South Asia: Critical Perspectives
by Assa Doron and Alex Broom

Disciplining the Divine: Toward an (Im) Political Theology
by Paul Fletcher

Grounding Religion: A Field Guide to The Study of Religion and Ecology
by Whitney A. Bauman, Richard R. Bohannon II and Kevin J. O` Brien



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