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Records 41 to 80 of 8994

Of Some Consequence: A Soldier Remembers
by General K. Sundarji

The Killer Instinct: Raids and Rescue Missions by Special Forces Worldwide and the Threat of Terrorism in the New Millennium
by O. P. Sabharwal

Imperial Frontier: Tribe and State in Waziristan
by Hugh Beattie

Martyrs, Traitors and Patriots: Kurdistan after the Gulf War
by Sheri Laizer


A Feeling of Quiet Power: The Siege of Lucknow 1857
by P.J.O.Taylor

Arms and the Woman
by Deepti Menon

The Forgotten Army: India`s Armed Struggle for Independence 1942-1945
by Peter Ward Fay

War and Empire in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean
by Ashley Jackson


Iraq War 2003: Rise of the New `Unilateralism`
by K. Santhanam

Begam Samru: Fading Portrait in a Gilded Frame
by John Lall

Warrior Gentlemen: `Gurkhas` in the Western Imagination
by Lionel Caplan

Forgotten Army: India`s Armed Struggle for Independence 1942-1945
by Peter Ward Fay


Is the Goddess a Feminist: The Politics of South Asian Goddesses
by Alf Hiltebeite, Kathleen M. Erndl

Whose India?: The Independence Struggle in British and Indian Fiction and History
by Teresa Hubel

Colonial Empires and Armies 1815-1960
by V.G. Kiernan

A Global Encyclopaedia of Historical Writing ( 2 Vols.)
by D. R. Woolf


Between Mars and Mammon: Colonial Armies and the Garrison State in Early Nineteenth-Century India
by Dauglas M. Peers

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Volume One: The Lands Below the Winds
by Anthony Reid

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Voluem Two: Expansion and Crisis
by Anthony Reid

Maharaja Ranjit Singh: The Last to Lay Arms
by K. S. Duggal


A Man of the Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century India: The Letters of Claude Martin 1766-1800
by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones

Societies and Military Power: India and its Armies
by Stephen Peter Rosen

History in the Making: 75 Years of the Hindustan Times
by Arvind N. Das, Prem Shankar Jha

A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners
by Max Muller


India`s Armed Forces: Fifty Years of War and Peace
by Ashok Krishna

Rivers of Silence: Disaster on River Nam Ka Chu, 1962 and the Dash to Dhaka Across River Meghna During 1971
by Ashok Kalyan Verma

Warfare and Weaponry in South Asia 1000-1800 (Oxford in India Readings: Themes in Indain History)
by Jos J.L. Gommans, Dirk H.A. Kolff

Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Minorities of Pakistan: Constitutional and Legal Perspectives
by Shaheen Sardar Ali and Javaid Rehman


Modernisation of Indian Sugar Industry
by J.K. Gehlawat

Select Battles in Indian History: From Earliest Times to 2000 A.D.(2 Vols.)
by Kiran Kumar Thaplyal, Shive Nandan Misra

Al-Hind: The Making of Indo-Islamic World: Volume I: Early Medieval India and the Expansion of Islam, 7th-11th Centuries
by Andre Wink

Al-Hind: The Making of Indo-Islamic World: Volume II: The Slave Kings and the Islamic Conquest 11th-13th Centuries
by Andre Wink


The Command of the Air
by Giulio Douhet

Air Power and Joint Operations
by Jasjit Singh

Situating the History of Science: Dialogues with Joseph Needham
by Irfan S. Habib, Dhruv Raina

Marathas and the Maratha Country: Vol. I: Medieval Maharashtra: Vol. II: Medieval Maratha Country: Vol. III: The Marathas (1600-1648) (3 Vols.)
by A.R. Kulkarni


Readings in Renaissance Women`s Drama: Criticism, History and Performance 1594-1998
by S.P. Cerasano, Marion Wynne-Davies

Military History of India
by Jadunath Sarkar

Studies in Aurangzib`s Reign
by Jadunath Sarkar

Minerals and Metals in Ancient India: Vol. I: Archaeological Evidence, Vol 2: Literary Evidence (2 Vols. Set)
by Arun Kumar Biswas



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