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Records 41 to 80 of 244

Coins Collecting in North India
by J. Rodgers Charles

Bactrian and Indus Greeks: A Romantic Story from their Coins
by Prof. Ahmad Hasan Dani

The Coins of Tipu Sultan
by Geo P. Taylor

Jainism or the Early Faith of Ashoka
by E.J. Thomas


History of the Coinage of the Territories of the East India Company in the Indian Peninsula
by Edgar Thurston

Hints for Coins Collectors: Coins of Southern India
by R.H.C. Tuffnel

Ariana Antiqua: A descriptive account of the Antiquities and coins of Afghanistan
by H.H. Wilson

Nishka: The Rig Vedic Money
by S.K. Bhatt


A Study of Holkar State Coinage
by P.K. Sethi, S.K. Bhatt, R. Holkar

Mahatma Gandhi: A Numismatic and Philatelic Study
by S.K. Bhatt

Catalogue of the Coins of Ancient India
by John Allan

Catalogue of the Coins of the Gupta Dynasties and of Sasanka King of Gauida
by John Allan


India as Reflected in the Inscriptions of Gupta Period
by Haripada Chakraborti

Coin Splendour: A Journey into the Past
by Prasanna Rao Bandela

Gupta Gold Coins
by Parmeshwari Lal Gupta, Sarojini Srivastava

Dictionary of Numismatics Names
by Albert R. Frey


A Macro Study of Early Indian Coins
by C. Mani

Coins and History of Medieval India
by Sanjay Garg

Indian Numismatics: History, Art & Culture (2 Vols. Set)
by D.W. Macadowall, Savita Sharma, Sanjay Garg

Gupta Numismatic Art
by Chhanda Mukherjee


Aspects of Ancient Indian Numismatics
by Prashant Srivastava

The Cholas and their Coinage, The Origin of the Word `Arya`( Vol. 2 Pt. 2)
by T. Desikachari

The Dravidian Kingdoms and List of Pandiyan Coins: Music in Ancient India (Vol. 1 Pt. 9)
by Desikachariar

The Rise and Fall of the Graeco-Bactrian Kingdom
by H. Sidky


A History of Ancient Coinage 700-30 BC
by Percy Gardner

Early Indian Coins and Currency System
by S.K. Maity

Coins and Currency Systems of Post-Gupta Bengal,c. AD 550-700
by B.N. Mukherjee

Catalogue of the Coins of the Andhra Dynasty, the Western Ksatrapas, the Traikutaka Dynasty and the "Bodhi" Dynasty
by Edward James Rapson


Gupta Gold Coins with a Garuda-Banner: Samudragupta to Skandagupta ( 2 Vols. Set)
by E.M. Raven

History of Pancala to c. AD 500: Volume II: Corpus of the Coins
by Krishna Mohan Shrimali

Catalogue of the Coins in the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, Bombay: The Sultans of Gujarat
by V. Acharya

The Chronicles of the Pathan Kings of Delhi: With Supplement on the Revenue Resources of the Mughal Empire
by Edward Thomas


The Coinage and Metrology of the Sultans of Delhi: Incorporating a Catalogue of the Coins in the Author`s Cabinet now in the Delhi Museum
by H. Nelson Wright

Images, Attributes and Motifs: Studies in Early Indian Art and Numismatics (2 Vols. Set)
by Arundhati Banerji

Facets of Aryan Culture
by B. Ch. Chabra

Oriental Numismatic Studies (Vol.1)
by Devendra Handa


Oriental Numismatic Studies (Vol.2)
by Devendra Honda

Studies in Indian Coins and Seals
by Devendra Handa

Glimpses of Indian Culture, History and Archaeology
by K.V. Soundara Rajan

Kala: Journal of Indian Art History Congress (Vol.8)
by Maruti Nandan Tiwari, Kamal Giri



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