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Pilgrim Shrines of India: Mythology, Archaeology, History and Art: Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish, Christian and Sufi)
by Amar Nath Khanna

A Critical Appreciation of Austerity in Ancient Indian Literature
by Yajanveer Dahiya

The Sacred Books of the East (50 Vols.)
by F. Max Muller

Parsi, Jaina and Sikh: Some Minor Religious Sects in India
by D.M. Thornton, Ganga Ram Garg


Agama and Tripitaka: A Comparative Study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha: Vol.II: Language and Literature
by Acharya Shri Nagrajji

Jaina Shrines in India
by O.P. Tandon

Jainism or the Early Faith of Ashoka
by E.J. Thomas

Nonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions
by Christopher Key Chapple


Holy Shrines of Assam: Brahmanical, Bauddha, Christian, Islamic, Jain & Sikh
by Pradip Sarma

Holy Shrines of Assam: Brahmanical, Bauddha, Christian, Islamic, Jain & Sikh
by Pradip Sarma

Jain Ramayana--Paumacharyu (Rendering Into English from Apabhramsa
by Shantilal Nagar

Glimpses of Jaina Sanskrit Mahakavyas
by Satya Vrat


Jaina Philosophy: Religion and Ethics
by B B Raynade

The Jaina World of Non Living: The Non-Living in Tattvarthasutra
by N.L. Jain

Jaina and Hindu Logic: A Comparative Study
by Pradyumna Kumar Jain

Jaina: Philosophy, Art and Science in Indian Culture (2 Vols. Set)
by D.C. Jain, R.K. Sharma


Jainism: Art, Architecture, Literature and Philosophy
by H Rangarajan

Stroll in Jainism: Upadhyaya Amar Muni Commemoration Volume
by Ram Mohan Das

Singing to the Jinas: Jain Laywomen Mandal Singing and the Negotiations of Jain Devotion
by M. Whitney Kelting

Capitalists Without Capitalism: The Jains of India and the Quakers of the West
by Balwant Nevaskar


Jaina Corpus of Koppala Inscriptions X-Rayed
by Nagarajaiah, Hampa

A History of the Early Ganga Monarchy and Jainism
by Hampa Nagarajaiah

Jainism: An Indian Religion of Salvation
by Helmuth Von Glasenapp

Studies in Jaina Sanskrit Literature
by Satya Vrat


Jainism : A Pictorial Guide to the Religion of Non-Violence
by Kurt Titze

Jain View of Life
by Samani Bhavit Pragya

Jain Temples of Rajasthan: Thousand-Petalled Lotus Architecture and Iconography
by Sehdev Kumar

Jaina Art
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy


Prakrit Narrative Literature: Origin and Growth
by Jagdishchandra Jain

Hemachandra`s Dvyasrayakavya: A Literary and Cultural Study
by Satya Pal Narang

Life in Ancient India as Depicted in Jaina Canon and Commentaries 6th Century BC to 17th Century AD
by Jagdish Chandra Jain

The Doctrine of Liberation in Indian Religion: With Special Reference to Jainism
by Muni Shivkumar


Aspects of Jaina Religion
by Vilas A. Sangave

Bundelkhand Paintings: Orchha, Chhatarpur and Gwalior
by Madhu Saxena

An Epitome of Jainism
by K.B. Jindal

Gender and Salvation: Jaina Debates on the Spiritual Liberation of women
by Padmanabh S. Jaini


The Heart of Jainism
by Sinclair Stevenson

Perspective in Jaina Philosophy and Culture
by Kamal Chand Sogani

Religion: Practice and Science of Non-Violence
by O.P. Jaggi

Some Aspects of Jainism in Eastern India
by Pranabananda Jash



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