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Records 1481 to 1511 of 1511

The ABCs of Socialism
by Bhaskar Sunkara

Masculinities Under Neoliberalism
by Andrea Cornwall, frank G. Karioris and Nancy Lindisfarne

The Ganges River Basin: Status and Challenges in Water Environment and Livelihoods
by Luna Bharati, Bharat R. Sharma and Vladimir Smakhtin

Special Economic Zones in India: Status, Issues and Potential
by Arpita Mukherjee


Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World
by Kumari Jayawardena

Key Concepts in Literary Theory
by Julran Wolfreys, Ruth Robbins and Kenneth Womack

Women Architects in India: Histories of Practice in Mumbai and Delhi
by Mary N. Woods

Everyday Women`s and Gender Studies: Introductory Concepts
by Ann Braithwaite and Catherine M ORR


Postcolonial Urban OutCasts: City Margins in South Asian Literature
by Madhurima Chakraborty and Umme Al- Wazedi

The Empire Writes Back: Theroy and Practice in Post- Colonial Iiteratures (2nd Edition)
by Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Grffiths and Helen Tiffin

Film and Literature: An Introduction and Reader (2nd Edition)
by Timothy Corrigan

The Routledge Companion to World Literature
by Theo D`haen, David Damrosch and Djelal Kadir


Urban Poverty, Local Governance and Everyday Politics in Mumbai (South Asia Edition)
by Joop De Wit

The Communist Manifesto
by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Environmental Justice in India: The National Green Tribunal
by Gitanjali Nain Gill

Utoplanism in PostColonial Literatures
by Bill Ashcroft


Rethinking Governance: Ruling, Rationalities and Resistance
by Mark Bevir and R.A.W.Rhodes

Interactions Between Orality and Writing in Early Modern Italian Culture
by Luca Degl` Innocenti, Brian Richardson, and Chiara Sbordoni

Land, Water, Language & Politics in Andhra: Regional Evolution in india Since 1850
by Brian Stoddart

Governing India`s Metropolises
by Joel Ruet, Stephanie Tawa Lama-Rewal


Indian Sisters: A History of Nursing and the State, 1907-2007
by Madelaine Healey

The New Social Mobility: How The Politicians Got it Wrong
by Geoff Payne

Hegel's Social Ethics: Religion, Conflict, and Rituals of Reconcliation
by Molly Farneth

Making Sense of Criminology
by Keith Soothill, Moira Peelo & Claire Taylor


What's Wrong with Rights?: Social Movements, Law and Liberal Imaginations
by Radha D' Souza

'Criminal' Tribes of Punjab: A Social-Anthropoligical Inquiry
by Birinder Pal Singh

State, Society and Health in Nepal
by Madhusudan Subedi

Routledge International Handbook of Race, Class, and Gender
by Shirley A. Jackson


Feminism After Postmodernism: Theorising Through Practice
by Marysia Zalewski

Global Gender Research: Transnational Perspectives
by Christine E. Bose and Minjeong Kim

Literature and Gender
by Lizbeth Goodman



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