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Environmental Discourse and Practice: A Reader
by Lisa M. Benton, John Rennie Short

Economists and the Environment
by Carla Ravaioli

Environmental Politics and Policy in Industrialized Countries
by Desai Uday

The Unquiet Woods: Ecological Change and Peasant Resistance in the Himalaya, Expanded Edition
by Ramachandra Guha


Caring for Creation: An Ecumenical Approach to the Environmental Crises
by Max Oelschlaeger

Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy: Contested Choices
by Daniel W. Bromley and Jouni Paavola

Traditional and Modern Approaches to the Environment on the Pacific Rim
by Harold Coward

Escaping Poverty`s Grasp: The Environmental Foundations of Poverty Reduction
by David Reed


Green Outcomes in The Real World: Global Forces, Local Circumstances and Sustainable Solutions
by Peter McManners

Global Environment Politics: Concepts, Theories and Case Studies
by Gabriela Kutting

Bioregionaliam and Global Ethics: A Transactional Approach to Achieving Ecological Sustainability, Social Justice and Human Well-being
by Richard Evanoff

Global Political Ecology
by Richard Peet, Paul Robbins and Michael J. Watts


Protecting the Global Environment
by Gary C. Bryner

Posthuman International Relations: Complexity, Ecologism and Global Politics
by Erika Cudworth & Stephen Hobden

The Politics of Resource Extraction: Indigenous Peoples, Multinational Corporations, and the State
by Suzana Sawyer and Edmund Terence Gomez

Reimagining Political Ecology
by Aletta Biersack and James B. Greenberg


Transfrontier Conservation Areas: People Living on the Edge
by Jens A. Anderson, Michel de Garine- Wichatitsky, David H.M. Cumming, Vupenyu Dzingirai and Ken E. Giller

Environmental Decision-Making in Context: A Toolbox
by Chad J. Mcguire

On Environmental Governance: Sustainability, Efficiency, and Equity
by Oran R. Young

Green Political Thought (4th Edition)
by Andrew Dobson


Nuclear Power, Economic Development Discourse and the Environment: The Cases of India
by Manu V. Mathai

Green Vs. Green: The Political, Legal, and Administrative Pitalls facing Green Energy Prodcution
by Ryan M. Yonk, Randy T. SImmons, and Brian C. Steed

Environmental Networks and Social Movement Theory
by Clare Saunders

Interpretive Approaches to Global Climate Governance: (De) Constructing the Greenhouse
by Chris Methmann, Delf Rothe and Benjamin Stephan


Traveling The 38th Parallel: A Water Line Around The World
by David Garle and Janet Carle

Climate Change Negotiations: A Guide to Resolving Disputes and Facilitating A Multilateral Cooperation
by Gunnar Sjostedt and Ariel Macaspac Penetrante

Environmental Anthropology: Future Directions
by Helen Kopnina & Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet

Long-Term Governance for Social-Ecological Change
by Bernd Siebenhuner, Marlen Arnold, Klaus Eisenack and Klaus Jacob


Negotiating Climate Change: Radical Democracy and the Illusion of Consensus
by Amanda Machin

Religion and Sustainability: Social Movements and the Politics of the Environment
by Lucas F. Johnston

The Lilliputians of Environmental Regulation: The Perspective of State Regulators
by Michelle C. Pautz and Sara R. Rintret

A Global Environmental Right
by Stephen J. Turner


Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics
by Paul G. Harris

Media and the Environment (4 Vols. Set)
by Anders Hansen

Analyzing Global Environmental Issues: Theoretical and Experimental Applications and Their Policy Implicarions
by Ariel Dinar and Amnon Rapoport

Routledge International Handbook of Social and Environmental Change
by Stewart Lockie, David A. Sonnenfeld and Dana R. Fisher


Global Ecology and Unequal Exchange: Fetshism in a Zero-Sun World
by Alf Hornborg

The Future of Nature
by Libby Robin, Sverker Sorlin, Paul Warde

New Normal, Redical Shift: Changing Business and Politics for a Sustainable Future
by Neela Bettridge and Philip Whiteley

Global Environmental Politics: Concepts Theories and Case Studies
by Gabriela Kutting



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