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Postmodern Environmental Ethics
by Max Oelschlaeger

Regarding Nature: Industrialism and Deep Ecology
by Andrew McLaughlin

Environmental Discourse and Practice: A Reader
by Lisa M. Benton, John Rennie Short

Economists and the Environment
by Carla Ravaioli


Burying Uncertainty: Risk and the Case against Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste
by K.S. Shrader-Frechette

Tropical Forests and the Human Spirit: Journeys to the Brink of Hope.
by Roger D. Stone, Claudia D`Andrea

The Promise of Green Politics
by Douglas Torgerson

Caring for Creation: An Ecumenical Approach to the Environmental Crises
by Max Oelschlaeger


ReClaming the Commons
by Brian Donahue

Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy: Contested Choices
by Daniel W. Bromley and Jouni Paavola

Traditional and Modern Approaches to the Environment on the Pacific Rim
by Harold Coward

Agrofuels: Big Profits, Ruined Lives and Ecological Destruction
by Francois Houtart


The End of Modernity: What the Finacial and Environmental Crisis is Really Telling Us
by Stuart Sim

Green Outcomes in The Real World: Global Forces, Local Circumstances and Sustainable Solutions
by Peter McManners

Bioregionaliam and Global Ethics: A Transactional Approach to Achieving Ecological Sustainability, Social Justice and Human Well-being
by Richard Evanoff

Protecting the Global Environment
by Gary C. Bryner


Sustainable Development as a Civilizational Revolution: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Challenges of the 21st Century
by Artur Pawlowski

Waste and Recycling: Theory and Empirics
by Takayoshi Shinkuma & Shunsuke Managi

Environmental Decision-Making in Context: A Toolbox
by Chad J. Mcguire

Sustainable Global Outsourcing: Achieving Social and Environmental Responsibility in Global IT and Business Process Outsourcing
by Ron Babin & Brian Nicholson


Environmental Social Work
by Mel Gray, John Coates and Tiani Hetherington

Designed for Habitat: Collaborations with Habitat for Humanity
by David Hinson and Justin Miller

Common Ground: Integrating the Social and Environmental in History
by Genevieve Massard-Guilbaud and Stephen Mosley

Events and the Environment
by Robert Case


The Social Dynamics of Carbon Capture and Storage: Understanding CCS Representations, Governance and Innovation
by Nils Markusson, Simon Shackley & Benjamin Evar

Environmental Networks and Social Movement Theory
by Clare Saunders

Sustainable Practices: Social Theory and Climate Change
by Elizabeth Shove & Nicola Spurling

Climate Change Ethinc: Navigating the Perfect Moral Storm
by Donald A. Brown


Eco-Business: A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability
by Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister

Contested Water: The Struggle Against Water Privatization in the United States and Canada
by Joanna L. Robinson

Low Carbon Nation?
by Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin

Long-Term Governance for Social-Ecological Change
by Bernd Siebenhuner, Marlen Arnold, Klaus Eisenack and Klaus Jacob


Human Dependence on Nature: How to Help Solve the Environmental Crisis
by Haydn Washington

The Hydropolitics of Dams: Engineering or Ecosystems ?
by Mark Everard

Environmental Harm: An Eco-Justice Perspective
by Rob White

Religion and Sustainability: Social Movements and the Politics of the Environment
by Lucas F. Johnston


Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics
by Paul G. Harris

Plane Truth: Aviation`s Real Impact On People and the Environment
by Rose Bridger

Media and the Environment (4 Vols. Set)
by Anders Hansen

Crisis of Global Sustainability
by Tapio Kanninen



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