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Women, the Environment and Sustainable Development: Towards a Theoretical Synthesis
by Rosi Braidotti, Ewa Charkiewicz, S. Hausler, S. Wieringa

The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World?
by Joel Kovel

Approaches to Sustainable Development: Global Development and the Environment Series
by Richard M. Auty, Robert B. Potter

Sacred Custodians of the Earth?: Women, Spirituality and the Environment
by Alaine Low, Soraya Tremayne


Environmental Discourse and Practice: A Reader
by Lisa M. Benton, John Rennie Short

Sustaining Liberal Democracy: Ecological Challenges and Opportunities
by John Barry, Marcel Wissenburg

Greening Business: Managing for Sustainable Development
by John DavisBasiro

Economists and the Environment
by Carla Ravaioli


The Promise of Green Politics
by Douglas Torgerson

Environmental Politics and Policy in Industrialized Countries
by Desai Uday

Analytical Issues in Parpticipatory Natural Resource Management
by Bhaskar Vira, Roger Jeffery

Global Governance: Drawing Insights from the Environmental Experience
by Oran R. Young


The Instiututional Dimensions of Environmental Change: Fit Interplay and Scale
by Oran R. Young

The Conserver Society: Alternatives for Sustainability
by Ted Trainer

Hunters and Gatherers in the Modern World: Conflict, Rsistance and Self-Determination
by Peter P. Schweitzer, Megan Biesele, Robert K. Hitchcock

Geography: Realms Regions and Concepts 2000
by H.J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller


The Grassroots of a Green Revolution: Polling America on the Environment
by Deborah Lynn Guber

Globalization and Environment Reform; The Ecological Modernization of the Global Economy
by Arthur P.J. Mol

Flashpoints in Environmental Politicy Making
by Sheldon Kamiecki, Goerge A. Gonzalez and Robert O. Vos

guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy
by Natalia Mirovitskaya and William Ascher


Our Simmering Planet: What to do About Global Warming
by Joyeeta Gupta

State of the Earth: Contemporary Geographic Perspectives
by Akin Mabogunje

Thinking Ecologically : The Next Generation of Environmental policy
by Marian R. Chetow and Daniel C. Esty

Economics, Ethics, and Environmental Policy
by Daniel W. Bromley and Jouni Paavola


A World Growing Old
by Jeremy Seabrook

Advanced Ecological Theory: Principles and Applications
by Jacquiline Mcglade

Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist Introduction
by Alfredo Saad-Filho

Of Myths and Movements: Rewriting Chipko into Himalayan History
by Haripriya Rangan


Applied Ecology & Environmental Management
by Edward I. Newman

Rural Development in Eurasia and the Middle East: Land Reform, Demographic Change, and Environmental Constraints
by Kurt E. Engelmann & Vjeran Pavlakovic

Our Simmering Planet:What to do About Global Warming?
by Joyeeta Gupta

Fuel For Change: World Bank Energy Policy - Rhetoric vs Reality
by Ian Tellam


The Pesticide Hazard: A Global Health and Environmental Audit
by Barbar Dinham

Writing the Environment: Ecocriticism and Literature
by Richard Kerridge and Neil Sammells

Earth Politics
by Ernst U. von Weizsacker

Sharing the Work, Sparing the Planet: Work Time, Consumption, and Ecology
by Anders Hayden


Economics of Environmental Development
by H.K. Pathak

Environmental Governance: Power and Knowledge in a Local-Global World
by Gabriela Kutting and Ronnie Lipschutz

Greening the North: A Post-Industrial Blueprint for Ecology and Equity
by Wolfgang Sachs, Reinhard Loske and Manfred Linz

Moving Mountains: Communities Confront mining & Globalisation
by Geoff Evans, James Goodman and Nina Lansbury



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