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Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries: Economic Growth, Democracy, and Environment
by Uday Desai

Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World: An Open Conspiracy for Social Change
by Brian K. Murphy

Reintegrating India: With the World Economy
by T.N. Srinivasan, Suresh D. Tendulkar

Reforming the Global Financial Architecture: Issues and Proposals
by Yilmaz Akyuz


India`s Political Economy: Governance and Reform
by John P. Lewis

The Economics of the Good Society: The Variety of Economic Arrangements
by Joseph S. Berliner

International Bibliography of Economics: Volume XLIX 2000

The Nature of Industrialization: Volume 3: Enterprise and Labour: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present
by Peter Mathias, John A. Davis


A History of Marxian Economics (Vol I)
by M.C. Howard, J.E. King

Whither Marxism?: Global Crises in International Perspective
by Bernd Magnus, Stephen Cullenberg

Global Backlash: Citizen Initivatives for a Just World Economy
by Robin Broad

The Free Trade Adventure: The WTO, the Uruguay Round and Globalism-A Critique
by Graham Dunkley


Problems of Eonomic and Political Transformation in the Balkans
by Ian Jeffries

Asian Development Outlook 2004: Special Chapter: Foreign Direct Investment Developing Asia

Eco-Efficiency: The Business Link to Sustainable Development
by Livio D. DeSimone, Frank Popoff

Protecting Foreign Investment: Implications of a WTO Regime and Policy Options
by Carlos M. Correa, Nagesh Kumar


Accelerating Growth and Poverty Reduction: A Policy Framework for India`s Development
by Arvind Virmani

Trade Liberalization in Sri Lanka: Exports, Technology and Industrial Policy
by Ganeshan Wignaraja

Economic Reforms and Industrial Structure in India
by Shuji Uchikawa

Contemporary South Asia. Volume 9, Number 2, July 2000 Special Issue: Corporate Capitalism in Contemporary South Asia
by Apurba Kundu, Ananya Mukherjee Reed


A History of Hope: When Americans Have Dared to Dream of a Better Future
by James W. Fraser

A Requiem for Karl Marx
by Frank E. Manuel

Individual Strategy and Social Structure: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions
by H. Peyton Young

A Sustainable Fiscal Policy for India: An International Perspective
by Peter S. Heller, M. Govinda Rao


The Politics of the Asian Economic Crisis
by T.J. Pempel

Economic Miracle in the Indian Ocean: Can Mauritius Show the Way?
by Ibrahim Alladin

Rethinking Public Accounting: Policy and Practice Accounting in Government
by S.K. Das

Empowering Society: An Analysis of Business, Government and Social Development Approaches to Empowerment
by Usha Jumani


Social Security Under the Gun: What Every Informed Citizen Needs to Know About Pension Reform
by Arthur Benavie

The Cultural Politics of Markets: Economic Liberalization and Social Change in Nepal
by Katharine Neilson Rankin

Macroeconomic Reforms, Growth, and Stability
by B.B. Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi Kar

Beyond Progress: An Interpretive Odyssey to the Future
by Hugh De Santis


Corporate Governance, Economic Reforms and Development
by Darryl Reed and Sanjoy Mukherjee

A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The US Experience
by Michel Aglietta

Population and Development in Poor Countries
by Julian L.Simon

International Trade, Growth, and Development
by Pranab Bardhan


Writing from the Left: New Essays on Radical Culture and Politics
by Alan M. Wald

A Nation in Transition: Understanding the Indian Economy
by Jayshree Sengupta

Reform and Recovery in East Asia: The Role of the State and Eocnomic Enterprise
by Peter Drysdale

Beyond the Impasse: New Directions in Development Theory
by Frans J Schuurman



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