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Religion and Personal Law in Secular India: A Call to Judgment
by Gerald James Larson

Fertility and Familial Power Relations: Procreation in South India
by Minna Saavala

The Post-Colonial States of South Asia: Democracy, Identity, Development and Security
by Amita Shastri, A. Jeyaratnam Wilson

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2nd edn.)
by Edward Lawson


The Congress Party of India: The Dynamics of One-Party Democracy
by Stanley A. Kochanek

India`s Democracy: An Analysis of Changing State-Society Relations
by Atul Kohli

The Democratic Transition in Nepal
by Ramjee P. Parajulee

Confucianism for the Modern World
by Daniel A. Bell, Hahm Chaibong


John Morley at the India Office 1905-1910
by Stephen E. Koss

New Patterns of Democracy in India
by Vera Micheles Dean

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2nd Edition)
by Edward Lawson

Citizens and Politics: Mass Political Behavior in India
by Samuel J. Eldersveld, Bashiruddin Ahmed


Lineages of the Absolutist State
by Perry Anderson

India: As a Secular State
by Donald Eugene Smith

The Future of Academic Freedom
by Louis Menand

The Politics of Untouchability: Social Mobility and Social Change in a City of India
by Owen M. Lynch


A Steam of Windows: Unsetting Reflections on Trade, Immigration and Democracy
by Jagdish Bhagawati

Immigration and Race: New Challenges for American Democracy
by Gerald D. Jaynes

Democratizing Global Governance
by Esref Aksu, Joseph A. Camilleri

Democracy War and Peace in the Middle East
by David Garnham, Mark Tessler


Rules and Rights in the Middle East: Democracy, Law and Society
by Ellis Goldberg

Rules and Rights in the Middle East: Democracy, Law and Society
by Ellis Goldberg, Resat Kasaba, Joel S. Migdal

Civil Islam: Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia
by Robert W. Hefner

Politics Without Democracy 1815-1914: Perception and Preoccupation in British Government (sec. edn.)
by Michael Bentley


European Democratic Culture
by Alain-Marc Rieu, Gerard Durprar

The Challenge to Democracy in Nepal: A Political History
by T. Louise Brown

Cosmopolitan Democracy: An Agenda for a New World Order
by Daniela Archibugi, David Held

Democracy and its Alternatives: Understanding Post-Communist Societies
by Richard Rose, William Mishler, Christian Haerpfer


Patterns of Democracy: Goverment Forms and Performance in Thirty Six Countries
by Arend Lijphart

Democracy and Military Force
by Philip P. Everts

Resistance, Chaos and Control in China: Taiping Rebels, Taiwanese Ghosts and Tiananmen
by Robert P. Weller

Sustaining Liberal Democracy: Ecological Challenges and Opportunities
by John Barry, Marcel Wissenburg


Corrupting Youth: Political Education, Democratic Culture and Political Theory
by J. Peter Euben

The Right in the Twentieth Century: Conservatism and Democracy
by Brian Girvin

Collective Rationality and Collective Reasoning
by McMohan

Democracy and Global Warming
by B. Holden


Opposition in a Dominant Party System: A Study of the Jan Sangh, the Praja Socialist Party, and the Socialist Party in Uttar Pradesh, India
by Angela S. Burger

Hard Choices: Social Democracy in the 21st Century
by Christopher Pierson

by Alex Callinicos

Prison Diary
by Jayaprakash Narayan



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