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Money Laundering: An Insight into the Dark World of Financial Frauds
by Bhure Lal

Faultlines: Writings on Conflict and Resolution (Volume 13)
by K.P.S. Gill, Ajai Sahni

Criminal Justice Administration
by P.D. Sharma

by Ram Ahuja


Crime and Religious Beliefs in India
by Augustus Somerville

Illustrations of the History and Practices of the Thugs
by Thornton

Mafia: Collection of Short Stories
by Paigham Afaqui

Combating Organised Crime
by P.M.Nair


Crime Against Children
by Arunaima Baruah

Ecology and Geography of Crime in India: A Case Study
by Navin Kumar

Police Protection to Victims of Crime
by M.F.Ghazvini

Why I am Not a Policeman?
by James Vadakumchery


Wounded Justice and the Story of Indian Police
by James Vadackumchery

It`s Always Possible: Transforming One of the Largest Prisons in the World
by Kiran Bedi

Crime, Criminal Justice and Human Rights
by H R Bhardwaj

Human Rights and Bail
by R Sharma


Crime, Justice and Society in Colonial Sri Lanka
by John D. Rogers

Indian Traffic: Identities in Question in Colonial and Postcolonial India
by Parama Roy

Terrorist Lives
by Maxwell Taylor, Ethel Quayle

Readings in Crime and Criminal Behaviour
by Parvez Dawar


Crime Against Women
by Nehal Ashraf

Crimes in Cyber Space-Scams and Frauds
by V.D. Dudeja

Cyber Crimes and Law (2 Vols. Set)
by V.D. Dudeja

Probation Services: In the Administration of Criminal Justice
by N.K. Chakrabarti


Probation System: In the Administration of Criminal Justice
by N.K. Chakravarti

Strict Liability in Criminal Law
by F. Mustafa

Studies in Commercial Law and Judicial Activism
by A. Singh

Criminological Theories: Introduction, Evalution and Application (4th edn.)
by Ronald L. Akers, Christine S. Sellers


Administration of Criminal Justice: The Correctional Services (5 Vols. Set) Foreword by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer
by N.K. Chakrabarti

Crimes Against Women and Protective Laws
by S. Saxena

Crime and Redemption of Criminals
by M.P. Singh

Institutional Corrections: In the Administration of Criminal Justice
by N.K. Chakrabarti


International Court of Justice
by C. Bala

Crimilisation of Politics
by Susheela Bhan

Law of Culpable Homicide, Murder and Punishment in India
by S.P.S. Makkar

Law of Homicide in India
by J.S. Dahiya


Minimum Sentencing Policy for Offences in India
by M.K. Sharma

Origin and Development of Criminal Justice in India
by N.K. Dutta

In The Dock: Absurdities of Indian Law
by Bibek Debroy

The Police in Free India: Its Facets and Drawbacks
by B.P. Saha



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