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Crafts of India and Cottage Industries
by Durgesh Shankar

Rajasthan: The Living Tradiions

Jala Weaving of Benaras
by Aditi Ranjan

The Political Economy of Craft Production: Crafting Empire in South India, c. 1350-1650
by Carla M. Sinopoli


Artisans of the Paradise: A Study of Art and Artisans of Kashmir
by D.N. Dhar

Making Things in South Asia: The Role of Artist and Craftsman
by Michael W. Meister

Sari to Sarong: Five Hundred Years of Indian and Indonesian Textile Exchange
by Robyn Maxwell

Early Indian Terracotta Art: Circa 2000-300 B.C: Northern and Western India
by Arundhati Banerji


Karkhanas of the Mughal Zamindars
by R.K. Saxena

Uncertain Identities: Craftwork, Women and Patriarchy in a Village of Eastern Uttar Pradesh
by Sayantani Jafa

From Stone Quarry to Sculpturing Workshop: A Report on Archaeological Investigations Around Chunar, Varanasi and Sarnath
by Vidula Jayaswal

Terracotta Animal Figurines in the Ganga-Yamuna Valley
by Pratibha Prakash


Urban Crafts and Craftsmen in Medieval India (Thirteenth-Eighteenth Centuries)
by Eugenia Vanina

The Potter`s Wheel: Craft Specialization and Technical Competence
by Valentine Roux

Crafts and Technology in Ancient India
by Ardhendusekhar Ray

Arts and Crafts in Northern India: From the Earliest Times to C. 200 B.C.
by Neelima Dahiya


Ornaments of Orissa
by R.P. MohapatraThomas Donaldson

Arts and Crafts of India: A Descriptive Study
by G. Watt, P. Brown

India International Centre 40 Years: A Look Back: Special Commemorative Volume

The Song of the Loom
by Abdul Bismillah


Folk and Tribal Designs of India
by Enakshi Bhavnani

Traditions: A Complete book of Indian Arts and Crafts Motifs: Special Reference to Rangoh Design
by Neelam Verma

Dream Weavers: Textile Art from the Tibetan Plateau
by Thomas Cole

Materials, Methods and Symbolism in the Pichhvai Painting Tradition of Rajasthan
by Desmond Peter Lazaro


Stone Craft of India (2 Vols. Set)
by Neelam Chhiber

Crafting Traditions: Documenting Trades and Crafts in Early 19th Century North India
by Ghulam Yahya

India`s Craft Tradition
by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

Bastar Textiles: Designs, Motifs and Natural Dyes
by Padmini Tolat Balaram


Crafts of HImachal Pradesh
by Subhashini Aryan


Indian Puppets
by Sampa Ghosh, Utpal K. Banerjee

In the Shadows: Unknown Craftsmen of Bengal
by Payal Mohanka


Craft Production and Trade in South Kanara A.D. 1000-1763
by Nagendra E. Rao

Arts and Crafts of Indus Civilization
by Choodamani Nandagopal

Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan
by Aman Nath, Francis Wacziarg

Crafting Nature
by Jaya Jaitly


Crafts of India Handmade in India
by Aditi Ranjan and M.P. Ranjan

Craft Artisans in Urban Informal Sector
by Rabindra K. Mohanty

The Commercialized Crafts of Thailand:Hill Tribes and Lowland Villages: Collected Articles
by Erik Cohen

Contemporary Crafts
by Imogen Racz



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