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The Fall of Angels: The Layman`s defintive guide to India`s Rs.40 billion bank and securities scam
by R.C. Murthy

In Roads of Corruption in the Indian Army
by Man Mohan Sharma

The Nature of Party Government: A Comparative European Perspective
by Jean Blondel, Maurizio Cotta

The Police and Political Development in India
by David H. Bayley


CPS 2002: Concept Paper

Corruption Perception Index: Public Services and Departments

Corruption and Good Governance
by Naunihal Singh

Corruption: Functional Anarchy in Governance
by Bhure Lal


Crime, Corruption and Development
by D.N. Reddy

The State and Transnational Corporations: A Network Approach to Industrial Policy in India
by Hans Jansson, M. Saqib, D. Deo Sharma

Judicial Response to Prevention of Corruption in Public Servants in India
by Surendra Bahadur Singh

Corrupt Practices in Elections: Under the Representation of the Peoples Act
by H.R. Jhingta


Bank Fraud of the Century
by V.K. Banker

Power, Politics and Corruption: A Gandhian Solution
by Jai Narain Sharma

Outside CBI
by Joginder Singh

Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq
by Tariq Ali


India Without Black Money
by S.C. Aggarwal

Resurgent India Looks Ahead: Recollections and Reflections
by M.S. Sabnis

Corruption at the Grassroots: The Shades and Shadows
by N. Narayanasamy, M.P. Boraian, M.A. Jeyaraju

In the Sign of the Golden Wheel: Indian Memories of an English Buddhist
by Sangharakshita


Politics of Corruption: The Goddess that Failed
by Shashi B. Sahai

White-Collar Crimes
by Girish Mishra, Braj Kumar Pandey

Corruption-Free Sustainable Development: Challenges and Strategies for Good Governance
by B. B. Jain

The Money Launderers
by Bob Blunden


Scanning the Scam: How and why of the Securities Scandal
by K.S. Ramachandran

The European Union after the Treaty of Amsterdam
by Jorg Monar, Wolfgang Wessels

The Traffic in Women: Human Realities of the International Sex Trade
by Siriporn Skrobanek

Environment, Scarcity and Violence
by Thomas F. Homer-Dixon


Cadres and Corruption: The Organizational Involution of the Chinese Communist Party
by Xiaoho Lu

Corrupting Youth: Political Education, Democratic Culture and Political Theory
by J. Peter Euben

The World of Bribery and Corruption: From Ancient Times to Modern Age
by Naunihal Singh

India`s Watergate: A Study of Political Corruption in India
by G.S. Bhargava


Handbook of Departmental Enquiries
by H.L. Kapoor

Without Fear or Favour: An Autobiography
by Joginder Singh

Scams in India: From Ancient Times to 1992 Mega Bank Scam
by M. Halayya

Character of the Indian State: A Non-Marxist View
by J.D. Sethi


Red Tape and White Cap
by P.V.R. Rao

Classified: The Political Cover-up of the Bofors Scandal
by Henrik Westander

Juggernaut Politics: Understanding Predatory Globalization
by Jacques B. Gelinas

Report of Justices Thakkar-Natarajan Commission of Inquiry: Inquiry into Utilisation of Fairfax Group Inc.



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