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Consumer Value: A Frame Work for Analysis and Research
by Morris B. Holbrook

The Future of the Electronic Marketplace
by Derek Leebaert

A View to a Death in the Morning: Hunting and Nature through History
by Matt Cartmill

The Delta Project: With a Prologue by Lester Thurow: Discovering New Sources of Profitability in a Networked Economy
by Arnoldo C. Hax, Dean L. Wilde II


The Future of the Market: An Essay on the Regulation of Money and Nature after the Collapse of `ActuallyExisting Socialism`
by Elmar Altvater

To Relish the Sublime? Culture and Self-realization in Postmodern Times
by Martin Ryle and Kate Soper

Animals Like Us: Mark Rowlands
by Colin McGinn

Rogue State: A Guide to the World`s Only Superpower
by William Blum


Responding to Global Warming: The Technology, Economics and Politics of Sustainable Energy
by Peter Read

In the Wake of the Affluent Society: An Exploration of Post - Development
by Serge Latouche

Ecological Debt: Global Warming and the Wealth of Nations (2nd Edition)
by Andrew Simms

The Consumption of Mass
by Nick Lee and Rolland Munro


The End of Modernity: What the Finacial and Environmental Crisis is Really Telling Us
by Stuart Sim

Longer Lasting Products: Alternatives to the Throwaway Society
by Tim Cooper

Biofuels and the Globalization of Risk: The Biggest Change in North-South Relationships since Colonialism?
by James Smith

Food Versus Fuel: An Informed Introduction to Biofuels
by Frank Rosillo-Calle and Francis X. Johnson


The Slow Food Story: Politics & Pleasure
by Geoff Andrews

Sustainable Development as a Civilizational Revolution: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Challenges of the 21st Century
by Artur Pawlowski

Ending Hunger Worldwide
by George Kent

Environmental Tracking for Public Health Surveillance
by Stanley A, Morain and Amelia M. Budge


Architecture and Design Versus Consumerism: How Design Activism Confronts Growth
by Ann Thorpe

Between Jihad and McWorld: Voices of Social Justice, Papers Presented at a Conference with Benjamin Barber
by David Perusek

Progress or Collapse: The Crises of Market Greed
by Roberto De Vogli

Consuming Families: Buying, Making, Producing Family Life in the 21st Century
by Jo Lindsay and Janemaree Maher


Eco-Business: A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability
by Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister

Diversifying Food and Diets: Using Agricultural Biodiversity to Improve Nutrition and health
by Jessica Fanzo, Danny Hunter, Teresa Borelli and Federico Mattei

Contested Forms of Governance in Marine Protected Areas: A Study of Co-Mangament and Adaptive
by Natalie Bown, Tim Gray And Selina M. Stead

Conversations on Consumption
by Jonathan E. Schroeder


Digital Phoneix: Why the Information Economy Collapsed and How It Will Rise Again
by Bruce Abramson

Employee Engagement With Sustainable Business: How to Change the World Whilst Keeping Your Day Job
by Nadine Exter

Human Dependence on Nature: How to Help Solve the Environmental Crisis
by Haydn Washington

Planning Sustainable Transport
by Barry Hutton


Managing Adaptation to Climate Risk: Beyond Fragmented Responses
by Geoff O`Brien and Phil O`Keefe

Multicultural Perspectives in Customer Behaviour
by Maria G. Piacentini and Charles C. Cui

Two Degrees: The Built Environment and Our Changing Climate
by Alisdair McGregor, Cole Roberts, and Fiona Cousins

Key Concepts in Water Resource Managment: A Revuew and Critical Evaluation
by Jonathan Lautze


A History of Global Consumption (1500-1800)
by Ina Baghdiantz McCabe

Devising Consumption: Cultural Economics of Insurance, Credit and Spending
by Liz Mcfall

An Introduction to Low Carbon: Domestic Refurbishment (Second Edition)
by Construction Products Association

The Secret Financial Life of Food: From Commodities Markets to Supermarkets
by Kara Newman



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