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Mawdudi and the Making of Islamic Revivalism
by Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr

Punjab in Prosperity and Violence, 1947-1997
by J.S. Grewal, Indu Banga

Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia
by Ahmed Rashid

Freedom Unfinished: Fundamentalism and Popular Resistance in Bangladesh Today
by Jeremy Seabrook


Islamic Fundamentalism and India
by J. B. Dasgupta

Democracy, Nationalism and Communalism: The Colonial Legacy in South Asia
by Asma Barlas

Religion, Ethnicity and Self-Identity: Nations in Turmoil
by Martin E. Marty, Scott Appleby

Tidings of the King: A Translation and Ethnohistorical Analysis of the Rayavacakamu
by Phillip B. Wagoner


A Secular Agenda
by Arun Shourie

Healing Streams: Bringing Back Hope in the Aftermath of Violence
by Sushobha Barve

Will Hindus Develop and Secure India?
by Atluru Sitaramaiah

India First
by K.R. Malkani


A Practical Indian Philosophy: From Goswami Tulsidas`s The Shri Ramacharit Manas or Ramayan (2 vols set)
by Prakash Narain

Hinduism in Public and Private: Reform, Hindutva, Gender, and Sampraday
by Antony Copley

What`s Happening to India?: Punjab, Ethnic Conflict and the Test for Federalism
by Robin Jeffrey

Hinduism, Hindutva and Secularism
by P.D. Mathew


The Emerging Hindutva Force: The Ascent of Hindu Nationalism
by Prakash Louis

Will Secular India Survive?
by Mushirul Hasan

Communalism Condemned Gujarat Genocide 2002
by Basudeb Chattopadhyay, Ashis Ranjan Guha, Ramkrishna Chatterjee

Women Politics and Religion
by Hem Lata Swarup, Sarojini Bisaria


Dreams After Darkness: A Search for the Life Ordinary under the Shadow of 1984
by Manraj Grewal

Agra Red Fort is a Hindu Building
by P.N. Oak

Purity and Communal Boundaries: Women and Social change in a Bangladesh Village
by Santi Rozario

Hindu Revivalism and the Indian Muslims
by Shahzana Mallick


Mahatma Gandhi and Hindu-Muslim Unity: During Transfer of Power and Partition of India (1944-48)
by Ch M. Naidu

Beyond Hindu and Muslim: Multiple Identity in Narratives from Village India
by Peter Gottschalk

Theft of an Idol: Text and Context in the Representation of Collective Violence
by Paul R. Brass

Factional Politics in an Indian State: The Congress Party in Uttar Pradesh
by Paul R. Brass


Religion and Conflict in South and Southeast Asia: Disrupting Violence
by Linell E. Cady, Sheldon W. Simon

The Myth of the Holy Cow
by D.N. Jha

Culture, Technology, Communication: Towords an Intercultural Global Village
by Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks

The Left in History: Revolution and Reform in Twentieth-Century Politics
by Wollie Thompson


Writing from the Left: New Essays on Radical Culture and Politics
by Alan M. Wald

The Deadly Embrace: Religion, Politics and Violence in India and Pakistan 1947-2002
by Ian Talbot

Soaring and Settling: Buddhist Perspectives on Contemporary Social and Religious Issues
by Rita M. Gross

Muslims in India Since 1947: Islamic Perspectives on inter-Faith Relations
by Yoginder Sikand


The Writer`s Handbook 2007: The Complete Guide for all Writers, Journalists, Publishers, Editors, Agents, Screenwriters and broadcasters
by Barry Turner

Ideologies in the Age of Extremes: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism 1914-91
by Willie Thompson

The Crises of Multiculturalism: Racism in a Neoliberal Age
by Alana Lentin and Gavan Titley

A History of Pakistan and Its Origins
by Christophe Jaffrelot



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