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Voices from Indenture: Experiences of Indian Migrants in the British Empire
by Marina Carter

The Quarterly Army List of Her Majesty`s British and Indian Forces (Corrected 5th July 1859)

Decolonization of French India: Liberation Movement and Indo-French Relations 1947-1954
by Ajit K. Neogy

The Dutch East: Sketches and Pictures
by J. Macmillan Brown


The Portuguese in India (2 Vols.)
by F.C. Danvers

Report to the Secretary of State for India in Council
by F.C. Danvers

Clive-And Dupleix: The Beginning of Empire
by H. Dodwell

The Nabobs of Madras: Describing the Society in the Later Half of 18th Century
by H. Dodwell


The European in India
by Charles Doyley, Thomas Williamson

The History of Mauritius, Or the Isles of France and the Neighbouring Islands
by Baron Grant

The Tiger of Mysore: A Story of the War with Tippoo Saib
by G.A. Henty

From the First European Settlements to the Foundation of the English East Indian Company: History of India (Vol. 6)
by W.W. Hunter


History of India: Vol. VII: From the First European Settlements to the Foundation of the English East Indian Company
by W.W. Hunter

Vestiges of Old Madras (1640-1800) (4 Vols. Set)
by Davison H. Love

Ceylon and the Hollanders (1658-1790)
by P.E. Pieris

Ceylon and the Portuguese 1505-1658
by P.E. Pieris


The Empire of the Raj: India, Eastern Africa and the Middle East, 1858-1947
by Robert J. Blyth

The Story of Fort St. George with Illustrations
by Dom Reid

Colonialism To Globalisation: Five Centuries After Vasco Da Gama: Volume I: Main Issues Around Colonialism and Globalisation.
by Walter Fernandes, Anupama Dutta

Making History, Drawing Territory: British Mapping in India, c. 1756-1905
by Ian J. Barrow


Empire & Information: Intelligence Gathering and Social Communication in India, 1780-1870
by C.A. Bayly

Colonialism: An International Social, Cultural, and Political Encyclopedia (3 Vols Set)
by Melvin E. Page

by Stanley Wolpert

First Afghan War and its Causes
by Henry Marion Durand


Lhasa: An Account of the Country and People of Central Tibet and of the Progress of the Mission Sent there by the English Government (2 Vols. Set)
by Perceval Landon

The Rise and Expansion of the British Dominion in India
by Alfred C. Lyall

Genesis of British Power in India
by H.S. Bhatia

Terms of Refuge: The Indochinese Exodus and the International Response
by W. Courtland Robinson


Classical Political Economy and British Policy in India
by S. Ambirajan

The Private Correspondence of Lord Macartney: Governor of Madras (1781-85) (Volume LXXVII)
by C. Collin Davies

The Correspondence of David Scoot: Director and Chairman of the East India Company Relating to Indian Affairs 1787-1805 (2 Volumes)
by C.H. Philips

The Concept of Empire Burke to Attlee 1774-1947
by George Bennett


Imperialism and Revolution in South Asia
by Kathleen Gough, Hari P. Sharma

Dutch Colonial Policy and the Search for Identity in Indonesia 1920-1931
by Eduard J.M. Schmutzer

Imperialism in the Twentieth Century
by A. P. Thornton

The Modern World: A Survey of Historical Forces (Volume. V): India
by Valentine Chirol


History of the French in India: From the Founding of Pondichery in 1674 to the Capture of that Place in 1761
by G.B. Malleson

Pundits and Elephants: Being the Experiences of Five Years as Governor of an Indian Province
by The Earl of Lytton

Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq
by Tariq Ali

Indian Princes Under British Protection: A Study of their Personal Rule, Their Constitutional Position and their Future
by P.L. Chudgar



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