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Records 1 to 40 of 592

The Jains (Sec.edn.)
by Paul Dundas

The Lives of the Jain Elder
by HemacandraR.C.C. Fynes

Essentials of Indian Philosophy
by M. Hiriyanna

Passions of the Tongue: Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970
by Sumathi Ramaswamy


Jainism: The World of Conquerors: Vol. 2
by Natubhai Shah

Tradition and Modernity in Arabic Language and Literature
by J.R. Smart

Religion and Women
by Arvind Sharma

Aspects of Language Variation in Arabic Political Speech-Making
by Nathalie Mazraani


Singing to the Jinas: Jain Laywomen Mandal Singing and the Negotiations of Jain Devotion
by M. Whitney Kelting

Invented Moralities: Sexual Values in an Age of Uncertainty
by Jeffrey Weeks

Gender and Salvation: Jaina Debates on the Spiritual Liberation of women
by Padmanabh S. Jaini

Children as Partners for Health: A Critical Review of the Child-to-Child Approach
by Pat Pridmore, David Stephens


Yamini: Iravuchudar
by Chudamani Raghavan

A Dictionary of Contemporary History: 1945 to the Present
by Duncan Townson

Economics and Language
by Willie Henderson, Dudley-Evans, Roger Backhouse

A History of Marxian Economics (Vol I)
by M.C. Howard, J.E. King


The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation
by R.A. Skelton, Thomas E. Marston , George D. Painter

Geographies of Global Change: Remapping the World in the Late Twentieth Century
by R.J. Johnston, Peter J. Taylor, Micheal J. Watts

Feminists, Islam and Nation: Gender and the Making of Modern Egypt
by Margot Badran

The New Geopolitics of Central Asia and Its Borserlands
by Ali Banuazizi, Myron Weiner


Rules and Rights in the Middle East: Democracy, Law and Society
by Ellis Goldberg, Resat Kasaba, Joel S. Migdal

In the Name of Osama Bin Laden: Global Terrorism and the Bin Laden Brotherhood
by Ronald Jacquard

Shattering the Myth: Islam Beyond Violence
by Bruce B. Lawrence

Brahmanism, Jainism and Buddhism in Andhra Desa
by P. Arundhati


Purity and Communal Boundaries: Women and Social change in a Bangladesh Village
by Santi Rozario

The ABC-CLIO Companion to Women in the Workplace
by Dorothy Schneider, Carl J. Schneider

Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World
by John Larner

Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research
by Stephen Senn


A Comprehensive and Critical Dictionary of the Prakrit Languages with Special Reference to Jain Literature: Volume 1, Fascicule II
by A.M. Ghatage

The Other Revolution: NGO and Feminist Perspectives from South Asia
by Renuka Sharma, Purushotam Bilimoria

Development Strategies and Socio-Demographic Impact of Non-Governmental Organizations: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
by Ruhul Amin

Children, School and Work: Glimpses from India
by G.K. Lieten, Anup K. Karan, Anoop K. Satpathy


Cosmopolis: Prospects for World Government
by Danilo Zolo

Dr. Jack: Calcutta`s Pavement Doctor
by Jeremy Josephs

Organizing for Democracy: NGOs, Civil Society, and the Philippine State
by G. Sidney Silliman, Lela Garner Noble

Handbook of Human Rights and Criminal Justice in India: The System and Procedure (Sec. Edn)


India`s Living Legends: Savants of Voluntary Action

French Usage
by Richard Wakely, Henri Bejoint

Private Markets in Health and Welfare: An International Perspective
by Norman Johnson

Inside the Iranian Revolution
by John D. Stempel



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