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Mapping an Empire: The Geographical Construction of British India 1765-1843
by Matthew H. Edney

An Historical Atlas of Islam
by Hugh Kennedy

Archaeological Geography of the Ganga Plain: The Lower and the Middle Ganga
by Dilip K. Chakrabarti

Geographical Interpretation of Indian Topographical Maps
by B.G. Tamaskar, V.M. Deshmukh


An Atlas of the Mughal Empire: Political and Economic Maps with Detailed Notes, Bibliography and Index
by Irfan Habib

Making History, Drawing Territory: British Mapping in India, c. 1756-1905
by Ian J. Barrow

Imperial Mappings--In Savage Spaces: Baluchistan and British India
by Simanti Dutta

The Great ARC: The Dramatic Tale of How India was Mapped and Everest was Named
by John Keay


India Within the Ganges
by Susan Gole

Indian Ocean Atlas
by Prithvish Nag

Atlas of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century
by Richard, Ben Crampton

Geography and Applied Cartography: Proceedings of the National Seminar on Geography and Applied Cartography, December 10-12
by Prithvish Nag


Census Mapping Survey: International Geographical Union Commission on Population Geography
by Prithvish Nag

Encyclopaedia of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing
by N.B. Nayar

Mapping and Compilation: Methods and Techniques
by K.K. Rampal

Textbook of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems
by Anji M. Reddy


Editing Early and Historical Atlases
by Joan Winearls

Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories: The Lost Land of Lemuria
by Sumathi Ramaswamy

The Mekong River: Space and Social Theory
by Sachchidanand Sahai

Al-Khwarazmi`s Map of the World Based on, Kitab Surat Al-Ard
by S. Razia Jafri


Imagined Corners: Exploring the World`s First Atlas
by Paul Binding

Mathematical Modelling in Geographical Information System Global Positioning System and Digital Cartography
by H.S. Sharma, D.R. Ram, Rama Prasad, P.R. Binda

Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya
by David Zurick, Julsun Pacheco

Visualizing Space in Banaras: Images, Maps, and the Practice of Representation
by Martin Gaenszle and Jorg Gengnagel


How Maps Work: Representation, Visualization, and Design
by Alan M. MacEachren

Persian Gulf: Atlas of Old and Historicl Maps (3000 B.C.-2000 A.D.) (2 Vols. Set)

Rethinking Maps: New Frontiers in Cartographic Theory
by Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin and Chris Perkins

Elements of Cartography (Sixth Edition)
by Arthur H. Robinson, Joel L. Morrison, Phillip C. Muehrcke and Stephen C. Guptill


GIS Cartography: A Guide to Effective Map Design
by Gretchen N. Peterson

Mapping China and Managing the World: Culture, Cartography and Cosmology in Late Imperial Times
by Richard J. Smith

London: A History in Maps
by Peter Barber

The Mapping of New Spain: Indigenous Cartography and The Maps of The Relaciones Geograficas
by Barbara E.Mundy


The History of Cartography: Cartography in the European Renaissance (Volume-III, Part-I and Part-II)
by David Woodward

Spatial Mathematics: Theory and Practice Through Mapping
by Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and Joseph J. Kerski

Historical Atlas of Norheast Asia 1590-2010: Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia, Eastern Silberia
by Li Narangoa & Robert Cribb

Atlas of Cities
by Paul Knox


Mapping: Ways of Representing The World
by Daniel Dorling and David Fairbarin

Atlas of Islamic History
by Peter Sluglett with Andrew Currie

Schizoanalytic Cartographies
by Felix Guattari

Onto-Cartography: An Ontology of Machines and Media
by Levi R. Bryant



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