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Records 1 to 40 of 1521

Flora & Plant Kingdom in Sanskrit Literature: Jyotsnamoy Chatterjee Festschrift
by Sushma Kulshreshtha, Acharya Jagdish Sahai, Abha Kulshreshtha

The Garden of Life: An Introduction to the Healing Plants of India
by Naveen Patnaik

Chrysanthemum Culture
by S. C. Dey

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Himachal Pradesh
by Narain Singh Chauhan


Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles
by J.G. Baker

Compositae Indicae (Book on Grasses)
by C.B. Clarke

Plants of Kohima and Mynapore
by C.B. Clarke

List of Species and Genera of Phanerograms not Included in Hooker`s Flora of British India
by C.C. Calder, Ramaswami


A Forest Flora of the Andaman Islands
by C.E. Parkinson

Useful Plants of India
by C.H. Drury

Alpine Plants of Western Himalaya: A Palyno-taxonomical Study
by C.M. Sharma

Himalayan Ferns: A Guide to Polystyichum
by C.R. Fraser-Jenkins


The Forms of North Western India: Including Afghanistan, Irans Indus Protected States of Kashmir
by C.W.Hope

The Forest Flora of North-West and Central India (set)
by D. Brandis, J.L. Stewart

Indian Trees: An Account of Trees, Shrubs, Woody Climbers, Bamboos and Palms Indigenous or Commonly Cultivated in the British Indian Empire
by D. Brandis

The Dapuri Drawings: Alexander Gibson and the Bombay Botanic Gardens
by H.J. Noltie


Botanical and Medicinal Plants (2 Vols. Set)
by Shantilal Nagar

Wild Flowers of Bangladesh
by Noazesh Ahmed

Indian Medicinal Plants: Vol. I: A-G
by Prakash Gupta

Dictionary of Gardening & General Horticulture (Two Volume Set)
by L.H. Bailey, Ethel Zoe Bailey


Medicinal Floral Ecology in Central India: A Case Study of the Narmada Basin
by Rajendra Kumar Deolia

The Encyclopaedia or the Treasury of Botany of the Vegetable Kingdom; with Which Is Incorporated: A Glossary of Botanical Terms
by John Lindley, Thomas Moore

A Comparative Hindu Materia Medica
by Chandra Chakraberty

Five Hundred Indian Plants: Their Use in Medicine and Arts (In Kannada)
by Mission Basal


The Family Rosaceae in India: Revisionary Studies on Cotoneaster Medik Vol. 3
by A. Kumar, G. Panigrahi

Research on Plant Diseases of the Punjab
by A. Sattar

Excerpta Maldiviana
by H.C.P. Bell

Flora of Udhampur
by A. Swami, B.K. Gupta


Indian Medicinal Plants Used in Ayurvedic Preparations
by A.C. Dey

A Forest Flora for Kumaon
by A.E. Ostmaston

The Flowering Plants of Western India
by A.K. Nairne

The Trees of Northern Bengal: Including Shrubs, Woody Climbers, Bamboos, Palms and Tree Ferns
by A.M. Cowan, J.M. Cowan


The Trees of Calcutta and Its Neighbourhood
by A.P. Benthall

Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis (Set)
by A.P. de Candolle

Pollen Flora of Upper Gangetic Plain, Vol. I: Indian Pollen Spore Flora
by A.R. Rao, Priti Shukla

A Botanical Tour in S. Lushi Hills
by A.T. Gage


A Census of Indian Polygonums
by A.T. Gage

Polyporaceae of India
by Anjali Roy, A.B. De

Flora of Allahabad District: (Uttar Pradesh, India)
by B.K. Mishra, B.K. Verma

The Plants of British India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
by B.E. Blatter



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