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The Tribes and Castes of Bombay Presidency (3 Vols.)
by R.E. Enthoven

The Three Presidencies of India
by John Capper

From Adam`s Peak to Elephanta-Sketches of Ceylon & India
by Edward Carpenter

The Ferns of Bombay
by E. Blatter, J.F. D`almedia


Ferns of Bombay
by E. Blatter

The Origin of Bombay
by J. Gerson Da Cunha

Indian Jottings: From Ten Years Experience in and Around Poona City
by Edward F. Elwin

The Dynasties of the Kanarese Districts of the Bombay Presidency
by J.F. Fleet


Narrative of a Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India from Calcutta to Bombay (1824-25) 3 Vols.
by Reginald Lord Heber

List of Bombay Grasses and Their Uses
by J.C. Lisboa

History of the Bombay, Karnataka: Musalman and Maratha: 1300-1818
by W. Weste

The Heritage Buildings of Bombay
by Rajan Narayan


Bombay Materia
by R.N. Khory

Fungi of Bombay
by Uppal

Systematic List of Trees, Shrubs and Woody Climbers of Bombay Presidency
by W.A. Talbot

Life in Mumbai
by Vasoo B. Dholekar


Provincial Politics and Indian Nationalism: Bombay and the Indian National Congress 1880-1915
by Gordon Johnson

The Earthy Soil: Bombay Peasants and the Indian Nationalist Movement 1919-1947
by S.J.M. Epstein

Buildings that Shaped Bombay: Works of G B Mhatre Friba: 1902-1973
by Kamu Iyer

Gender and Human Rights: Status of Women Workers in India
by Anu Saksena


Indigenous Elementary Education in the Bombay Presidency: In 1855 and Threabouts
by Vaman Pandurang Khanolkar

In the Minds of Men: The Study of Human Behaviour and Social Tensions, Conducted at the Request of the Government of India
by Gardner Murphy

Southern India: It`s Political and Economic Problems
by Gilbert Slater

Reporting India
by Taya Zinkin


Surplus Labour and the City: A Study of Bombay
by Heather, Vijay Joshi

City of Gold: The Biography of Bombay
by Gillian Tindall

A Profile of an Indian Slum
by A. R. Desai, S. D. Pillai

While Serving My Nation: Recollections of a Congress Man
by Herekrushna Mahtab


Quit India Revolution: The Ethos of Its Central Direction
by K.K. Chaudhari

Commercial Geography of a Metropolitan City: Spatial Structure of Retailing in Bombay
by Tapati Mukhopadhyay

Correction and Nomenclature Changes to the Forest Flora of the Bombay Presidency and Sindh by W.A. Talbot
by M.B. Raizada

Bombay: Meri Jaan
by Fiona Fernandez


The Flora of the Presidency of Bombay 1903-1908 (3 Vols.Set)
by T. Cooke

The Bombay Grasses
by E. Blatter, C. McCann

The Urban Dead-End: Pattern of Employment Among Slum-Dwellers

Zarthushtian: A Cross-Section of the Zoroastrian People in the Mid-Nineteen Eighties


The Land Problem of Reorganized Bombay State
by G.D. Patel

Tribes and Castes of Bombay in (3 Vols.)
by R.E. Enthoven

Catalogue of Maps in the Bombay Archives: Volume 1
by Sanjiv P. Desai, V.T. Gondil, R.S. Pednekar, A.K. Kharade, S.V. Pujare

Crazy Bombay
by Gangadhar Gadgil



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