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Records 1 to 40 of 1864

Charandas Chor
by Habib Tanvir

Agrarian System in Medieval India: Land Revenue Arrangements in Sarkar Shahabad (Bihar), 1734-1790
by Zahiruddin Malik

Dimension of Religion, Magic and Festivals of Indian Tribe: The Munda
by Karma Oraon

India`s Silent Revolution: The Rise of the Low Castes in North Indian Politics
by Christophe Jaffrelot


Diksha at St. Martin`s
by Siddharth Chowdhury

Trade Unionism: Myth and Reality: Unionism in the Tata Iron and Steel Company
by Kuriakose Mamkoottam

Growth, Stagnation or Decline: Agricultural Productivity in British India
by Sumit Guha

Imperilled Frontiers: India`s North-Eastern Border Lands
by Nari Rustomji


Champaron and Gandhi: Planters, Peasants and Gandhian Politics
by Jaeques Pouchepadass

The Demographic Challenge: A Study of Four Large Indian States
by J.K. Satia, Shireen J. Jejeebhoy

Asia, The US and Extended Nuclear Deterrence: Atomic Umbrellas in the Twenty-First Century
by Andrew O` Neil

Caste and Class in India
by K.L. Sharma


Kin, Clan and Land Reforms
by R.A.P. Singh

The Worlds of the East India Company
by H.V. Bowen, Margarette Lincoln, Nigel Rigby

Land and Society in India: Agrarian Relations in Colonial North Bihar
by Bindeshwar Ram

The Making of Laloo Yadav: The Unmaking of Bihar
by Sankarshan Thakur


Market or Government Failures?: An Asian Perspective
by A.S. Bhalla

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Volume One: The Lands Below the Winds
by Anthony Reid

Bazaar India: Markets, Society, and the Colonial State in Bihar
by Anand A. Yang

Jayaprakash Narayan: Essential Writings (1929-1979): A Centenary Volume (1902-2002)
by Bimal Prasad


Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion
by Stephen P. Huyler

The Laloo Phenomenon: Paradoxes of Changing India
by K.C. Yadav

Rural Labour Relations in India
by T.J. Byres, Karin Kapadia, Jens Lerche

The Plain Truth: Memoirs of a CBI Officer
by N.K. Singh


J.P. His Biography
by A. Scarfe, W. Scarfe

Agrarian Crisis in India: The Case of Bihar
by F. Tomasson Jannuzi

An Ethno-Archaeological View of Indian Terracottas: (A Comparative Study of the Present and Past Terracotta Traditions of Gangetic Plains)
by Vidula Jayaswal & Kalyan Krishna

Dynastic History of Magadha
by Bindeshwari Prasad Sinha


The Origin and Development of Bhojpuri
by Udai Narain Tiwari

Bengal Nawabs
by Jadu Nath Sarkar

Traders and Raiders: On China`s Northern Frontier
by Jenny F. So, Emma C. Bunker

The Limits of British Influence: South Asia and the Anglo-American Relationship, 1947-56
by Anita Inder Singh


Maithili: Some Aspects of its Phonetics and Phonology
by Sunil Kumar Jha

Santali English Dictionary
by R.M. Macphail

Social Power and Everyday Class Relations: Agrarian Transformation in North Bihar
by Anand Chakravarti

Bihar: Is in the Eye of the Beholder
by Vijay Nambisan


Akhtar Urainvi: Makers of Indian Literature
by S.M. Hasnain

Some Aspects of the Earliest Social History of India: Pre-Buddhistic Ages
by S.C. Sarkar

Labour Administration in India
by A.M. Sarma

Encyclopaedia Mundarica (16 Vols. Set)
by John Hoffmann, Arthur Van Emelen



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