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In the Absence of God: The Early Years of an Indian Sect
by Anne Feldhaus, Shankar Gopal Tulpule

Love Divine: Studies in Bhakti and Devotional Mysticism
by Karel Werner

The Divine and the Demonic: Supernatural Affliction and its Treatment in North India
by Graham Dwyer

Bhaktisutras of Narada
by Nandalal Sinha


Krsna`s: Round Dance Reconsidered: Hariram Vyas`s Hindi Ras-pancadhyayi
by Heidi Pauwels

Singing the Body of God: The Hymns of Vedantadesika in their South Indian Tradition
by Steven Paul Hopkins

The Tamil Veda: Pillan`s Interpretation of the Tiruvaymoli
by John Carman, Vasudha Narayanan

Bahina Bai and Her Abhangas
by K.P. Bahadur


Resource Management Information Systems: Process and Practice
by Keith R. McCloy

The Theory of Superconductivity in the High-Tc Cuprates
by P.W. Anderson

The Framework of Plasma Physics
by Richard D. Hazeltine, Francois L. Waelbroeck

The Caurasi Pad of Sri Hit Harivams: Introduction, Translation, Notes and edited Braj Bhasa Text
by Charles S.J. White


The Embodiment of Bhakti
by Karen Pechilis Prentiss

India`s Historical Demography: Studies in Famine, Disease and Society
by Tim Dyson

The Dictionary of Palmistry
by J.S. Bright

Human Emotions: A Reader
by Jennifer M. Jenkins, Keith Oatley and Nancy L. Stein


Neoplatonism and Nature: Studies in Plotinus`Enneads
by Michael F. Wagner

Oedipus Ubiquitous: The Family Complex in World Folk Literature
by Allen W. Johnson and Douglass Price- Williams

Magnetic lons in Crystals
by K.W.H.Stevens

Calorimetry: Energy Measurement in Particle Physics
by Richard Wigmans


The Fundamentals of Organizanal Behavior: What ManagersNeed to Know
by Henry L. Tosi and Neal P. Mero

Vivisection or Science?: An Investigation Into Testing Drugs and safeguarding Health
by Pietro Croce

Beyond Female Masochism: Memory-Work and Politics
by Frigga Haug

Intimations of Infinity: The Cultural Meanings of the Iqwaye Counting and Nember System
by Jadran Minica


Interpretations of the Bhagavad-Gita and Images of the Hindu Tradition: The Songs of the Lord
by Catherine A. Robinson

87 Tips for Practical Selling
by David Yule

Introduction to Heat Transfer (Third Edition)
by Frank P. Incropera and David P. Dewitt

Anti-Racist Social Work: A Challenge for White Practitioners and Educators
by Lena DominelliJo Campling


The Bijak of Kabir
by Linda Hess and Shukdeo Singh

Breast Cancer: Society Shapes An Epidemic
by Anne S. Kasper, Ph. D. and Susan J. Ferguson, Ph. D

Plagues and Politics: Infectious Disease and International Policy
by Andrew T. Price-Smith

Asthma: Critical Debates
by Sebastian L. Johnston and Stephen T. Holgate


Indian Philosophy A-Z
by Christopher Bartley

War or Health? A Reader
by Ilkka Taipale

Problem Drugs
by Andrew Chetley

Sport in Contemporary Society: An Anthology (8th Edition)
by D. Stanley Eitzen


Disciplining the Divine: Toward an (Im) Political Theology
by Paul Fletcher

Religions of The East
by Stephen Hunt

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (86th Edition) 2005-2006
by David R. Lide

India in Translation through Hindi Literature: A Plurality of Voices
by Maya Burger and Nicola Pozza



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