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India: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Annual Report 1989-90

India: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Annual Report 1998-99

India: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Annual Report 1997-98

India: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Annual Report 2000-2001


Investment Needs and Opportunities in Aviation, Ports and Shippings, Roads, Rail and Urban Transport
by V. Suresh

India: Ministry of Civil Aviation. Annual Report 1999-2000

India: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Annual Report 2002-2003

Report of the Committee on a Road Map for Civil Aviation Sector


India: Ministry of Civil Aviation, Annual Report 1996-97

Challenges & Perspectives in Aviation Beyond 2000

Aviation Insecurity: The New Challenges of Air Travel
by Andrew R. Thomas

The New Aviation Policy of India: Liberalisation and Deregulation
by S. Bhatt


Deregulation and Competition: Lessons from the Airline Industry
by Jagdish N. Sheth and Fred C. Allvine at et.

Aviation Management: Global and National Perspectives
by Raandeep Singh

Air Traffic Control: Past Present & Future
by S. Mahalingham

Air Transport Provision in Remoter Regions
by George Williams and Svein Brathen


Air Transportation: A Management Perspectives (7th Edition)
by John G. Wensveen

Safety Culture: Building and Sustaining a Cultural Change in Aviation and Healthcare
by Manoj S. Patankar, Jeffrey P. Brown, Edward J. Sabin & Thomas G. Bigda-Peyton

Armed Drones and the Ethics of War: Military Virtue in a Post-Heroic Age
by Christian Enemark

Airport Marketing
by Nigel Halpern and Anne Graham


Crowded Orbits: Conflict and Cooperation in Space
by James Clay Moltz

Beyond Airline Disruptions
by Jasenka Rapajic

International Aviation Law: A Practical Guide
by Ronald I.C.Bartsch

Managing Airports: An International Perspective (Fourth Edition)
by Anne Graham


Empire of the Air: Aviation and the American Ascendancy
by Jenifer Van Vleck

Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace
by A. Walter Dorn

Charing War: The British Army, The Hundred Days Campaign and the Birth of the Royal Air Force, 1918
by Birmingham War Studies

Air Transportation: A Management Perspective (Eighth Edition)
by John G.Wensveen


Foundations of Aviation Law
by Michael W. Peason and Daniel S. Riley

Drones and the Future of Armed Conflict: Ethical, Legal and Strategic Impications
by David Cortright, Rachel Fairhurst, and Kristen Wall

Armed Drones adn The Ethics of War: Military Virtue in a Post-Heroic Age
by Christian Enemark

Aviation English: A Lingua Franca for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
by Dominique Estival, Candace Farris and Brett Molesworth


Plane Truth: Aviation`s Real Impact On People and the Environment
by Rose Bridger

Airline E-Commerce: Log On. Take Off
by Michael Hanke

Airline e-Commerce: Log on. Take off.
by Michael Hanke



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