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The End of Nomadism: Society, State and the Environment in Inner Asia
by Caroline Humphrey, David Sneath

Asian Children at Home and at School: An Ethnographic Study
by Ghazala Bhatti

Introducing Asian Feminist Theology
by Kwok Pui-lan

Up to the Mountains and Down to the Villages: The Transfer of Youth from Urban to Rural China
by Thomas P. Bernstein


State and Society in Post-War Japan
by Bernard Eccleston

Peasant Power in China: The Era of Rural Reform, 1979-1989
by Daniel Kelliher

China Learns English: Languages Teaching and Social Change in the People`s Republic
by Heidi A. Ross

Technology and Gender: Fabrics of Power in Late Imperial China
by Francesca Bray


Student Protests in Twentieth-Century China: The View from Shanghai
by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Chinese Village, Socialist State
by Edward Friedman, Paul G. Pickowicz, Mark Selden

Forrows, Peasants, Intellectuals, and the State: Stories and Histories from Modern China
by Helen F. Siu

Women in Asia: Restoring Women to History
by Barbara N. Ramusack and Sharon Sievers


Kampuchea: Politics, Economics and Society
by Michael Vickery

The Mouth That Begs: Hunger, Cannibalism, and the Politics of Eating in Modern China
by Gang Yue

Liquid Life: Abortion and Buddhism in Japan
by William R. Lafleur

Rise of the Asian Giants: Dragon-Elephant Tango Tan Chung
by Patricia Uberoi


The Rise of Asia and The Transformation of the World- System
by Ganesh K. Trichur

The Silk Weavers of Kyoto: Family and Work in a Changing Traditional Industry
by Tamara K. Hareven

Marriage, Kinship and Power in Northern China
by Jennifer Holmgren

Britain`s China Policy and the Opium Crisis
by Glenn Melancon


Chinese Vernacular Dwelling
by Shan Deqi

Chinese Festivals
by Wei Liming

Chinese Architecture
by Cai Yanxin & Lu Bingjie

Traditional Chinese Medicine
by Liao Yuqun


Chinese Caligraphy
by Chen Tingyou

The Sanxingdui Site: Mystical Mask on Ancient She Kingdom
by Zhao Baohua

Bare Branches: The Security Implications of Asia`s Surplus Male Population
by Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea M. Den Boer

Succession in Asian Family Firms
by Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj


English Language Education Across Greater China
by Anwei Feng

After the Event: The Transmission of Grievous Loss in Germany, China and Taiwan
by Stephan Feuchtwang

Thailand`s Hidden Workforce: Burmese Migrant Women Factory Workers
by Ruth Pearson and Kyoko Kusakabe

Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century China
by Paul J. Bailey


Scattered Sand: The Story of China`s Rural Migrants
by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Prostitution Scandals in China: Policing, Media and Society
by Elaine Jeffreys

The Rise of Think Tanks in China
by Xufeng Zhu

Homoeroticism in Imperial China: A Sourcebook
by Mark Stevenson and Wu Cuncun


The Reception and Rendition of Freud in China: China`s Freudian Slip
by Tao Jiang and Philip J. Ivanhoe

The Sexual History of the Global South: Sexual Politics in Africa , Asia, and Latin AMerica
by Saskia Wieringa and Horacio Sivori

Ethnic Groups in China
by Wang Can

Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China
by Lucetta Yip Lo Kam



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