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Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Volume One: The Lands Below the Winds
by Anthony Reid

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Voluem Two: Expansion and Crisis
by Anthony Reid

The Golden Road to Modernity: Village Life in Contemporary Burma
by Manning Nash

Reading Zen in the Rocks: The Japanese Dry Landscape Garden
by Francois Berthier


Women in the New Asia: From Pain to Power
by Yayori Matsui

Eastern Impressions
by D.G. Manuel

The May Fourth Movement in Shanghai: The Making of a Social Movement in Modern China
by Joseph T. Chen

Leyden Studies in Sinology: Papers Presented at the Conference held in Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Sinological Institute of Leyden
by W. L. Idema


Culture and Privilege in Capitalist Asia
by Michael Pinches

Rural Capitalists in Asia: A Comparative Analysis on India, Indonesia and Malaysia
by Mario Rutten

Marxist Intellectuals and the Chinese Labor Movement: A Study of Deng Zhongxia 1894-1933
by Daniel Y.K. Kwan

The End of Nomadism: Society, State and the Environment in Inner Asia
by Caroline Humphrey, David Sneath


Asian Children at Home and at School: An Ethnographic Study
by Ghazala Bhatti

Introducing Asian Feminist Theology
by Kwok Pui-lan

The End of Nomadism: Society, State and the Environment in Inner Asia
by Caroline Humphrey, David Sneath

Adjustment Policies in Development Planning: Socio-Economic Sevelopment in Sri Lanka
by Efraim Gutking


Encounters with Aging: Mythologies of Menopause in Japan and North America
by Margaret Lock

Up to the Mountains and Down to the Villages: The Transfer of Youth from Urban to Rural China
by Thomas P. Bernstein

Lord of the Three in One: The Spread of a Cult in Southeast China
by Kenneth Dean

Revolutionizing the Family: Politics, Love and Divorce in Urban and Rural China, 1949-1968
by Neil J. Diamant


State and Society in Post-War Japan
by Bernard Eccleston

War and Popular Culture: Resistance in Modern China 1937-1945
by Chang-Tai Hung

Painting and Private Life in Eleventh-Century China: Mountain Villa by Li Gonglin
by Robert E. Harrist

Suicide in Asia and the Near East
by Lee A. Headley


Manufacturing Confucianism: Chinese Traditions and Universal Civilization
by Lionel M. Jensen

Peasant Power in China: The Era of Rural Reform, 1979-1989
by Daniel Kelliher

Of Heretics and Maryrs in Meiji Japan: Buddhism and Its Persecuition
by James Edward Ketelaar

Chinese Society in the Eighteenth Century
by Susan Naquin, Evelyn S. Rawski


China Learns English: Languages Teaching and Social Change in the People`s Republic
by Heidi A. Ross

Peasant Society and Marxist Intellectuals in China
by Kamal Sheel

Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society
by Rubie Watson, Patricia Buckley Ebrey

The East Asian Region: Confucian Heritage and Its Modern Adaptation
by Gilbert Rozman


Technology and Gender: Fabrics of Power in Late Imperial China
by Francesca Bray

The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire
by Rene Grousset

Student Protests in Twentieth-Century China: The View from Shanghai
by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Chinese Village, Socialist State
by Edward Friedman, Paul G. Pickowicz, Mark Selden


The Korean Neo Confucianism of Yi T`Oegye and Yi Yulgok : A Reappraisal of the "Four-Seven Thesis" and Its Practical Implications for Self-Cultivation
by Edward Y.J.Chung

Asian and Latino Immigrations in a Restructuring Economy: The Metamorphosis of Southern California
by Marta Lopez-Garza and David R. Diaz

Forrows, Peasants, Intellectuals, and the State: Stories and Histories from Modern China
by Helen F. Siu

Chinese Medicine Men
by Sherman Cochran



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