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The Asiatic Mode of Production: Oriental Despotism, Historical Materialism and Indian History
by Brendan O`Leary

Political Oppositions in Industrialising Asia
by Garry Rodan

Economic Dynamism in the Asia-Pacific: The Growth of Integration and Competitiveness
by Grahame Thompson

Peasant Power in China: The Era of Rural Reform, 1979-1989
by Daniel Kelliher


The Creation of Technological Capability in Developing Countries
by J.L. Enos

Kampuchea: Politics, Economics and Society
by Michael Vickery

Rise of the Asian Giants: Dragon-Elephant Tango Tan Chung
by Patricia Uberoi

Asia`s Star Bronds
by Paul Temporal


The Rise of Asia and The Transformation of the World- System
by Ganesh K. Trichur

The Silk Weavers of Kyoto: Family and Work in a Changing Traditional Industry
by Tamara K. Hareven

Who`s Afraid of China?: The Challenge of Chinese Soft Power
by Michael Barr

Succession in Asian Family Firms
by Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj


Financing Crisis and Institutional Change in East Asia
by Jikon Lai

Manufacturing Enterprise in Asia: Size Structure and Economic Growth
by Dipak Mazumdar & Sandip Sarkar

Scattered Sand: The Story of China`s Rural Migrants
by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Marketing Management in Asia
by Stan Paliwoda, Tim Andrews & Junsong Chen


A Colonial Economy in Crisis: Burma`s Rice Cultivators and the World Depression of the 1930s
by Ian Brown

Disruptive Innovation in Chinese and Indian Business: The Strategic Implications for Local Entrepreneurs and Global Incumbents
by Peter Ping Li

Industrialization of China and India: Their Impacts on the World Economy
by Nobuharu Yokokawa, Jayati Ghosh & Robert Rowthorn

Managing Human Resources in Asia-Pacific
by Arup Varma & Pawan S. Budhwar


Producer Services in China: Economic and Urban Development
by Anthony G.O. Yeh and Fiona F. Yang

China`s Regional Development: Review and Prospect
by Ming Lu, Zhao Chen, Xiwei Zhu, and Xianxiang Xu

Security and Profit in China`s Energy Policy: Hedging Against Risk
by Qystein Tunsjo

Multination States in Asia: Accommodation or Resistance
by Jacques Bertrand Andre Laliberte


Made in Japan
by Guenther Stein

Reorienting The 19th Century: Global Economy in the Continuing Asian Age
by Andre Gunder Frank

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, China and India: Economic and Political Implications
by Amitendu Palit

Korean Political and Economic Development: Crisis, Security, and Institutional Rebalancing
by Jongryn Mo and Barry R. Weingast


Post-Conflict Development in East Asia
by Brendan M. Howe

Globalization, Industrialization and Labour Markets in East and South Asia
by Rajah Rasiah, Bruce Mcfarlane and Sarosh Kuruvilla

Environmental Subsidies to Consumers: How did They Work in the Japanese Market?
by Shigeru Matsumoto

Rice, Agriculture, and the Food Supply in Premodern Japan
by Charlotte Von Verschuer



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