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Records 41 to 80 of 597

The Hindu Caste System, Volume II: Caste Adaptation in Modernizing Indian Society
by Harold A. Gould

The Hindu Caste System, Volume III: Politics and Caste
by Harold A. Gould

Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia: Long Term Histories
by Kathleen D. Morrison, Laura L. Junker

Religious Traditions in South Asia: Interaction and Change
by Geoffrey A. Oddie


Meanings and Rituals of Birth in Rural Bangladesh
by Therese Blanchet

Tribal Situation in Eastern India: Customary Laws Among Border Bengal Tribes
by Pradip Kumar Bandyopadhyay

The Gonds of Andhra Pradesh: Tradition and Change in an Indian Tribe
by Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf

Ancient Races of the Deccan
by S.S. Sarkar


Perception of Folk Environment
by Syamalkanti Sengupta

The Comparative Study of Traditional Asian Literatures: From Reflective Traditionalism to New-Traditionalism
by Vladimir Braginsky

Contemporary Kazaks: Cultural and Social Perspectives
by Ingvar Svanberg

Kinship, Honour and Money in Rural Pakistan: Subsistence Economy and the Effects of Internal Migration
by Alain Lefebvre


Modernizing Peasant Societies: A Comparative Study in Asia and Africa
by Guy Hunter

To Survive and to Prevail: Stories of the Tribal Women of Sabarkantha
by Marija Sres Mishkaben, Myron Pereira

Land and Politics in Tarai
by Tarun Bose

The Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India
by W.G. Archer


Gurungs: Thunder of Himal- A Cross-Cultural Study of Nepalese Ethnic Group
by Murari Prasad Regmi

Imagining a Place for Buddhism: Literary Culture and Religious Community in Tamil-Speaking South India
by Anne E. Monius

Hindu Festivals in a North Indian Village
by Stanley A. Freed, Ruth S. Freed

Indonesia: A New Beginning
by Satish Chandra, Baladas Ghoshal


Rank & Rivalry: The Politics of Inequality in Rural West Bengal
by Marvin Davis

The New Brahmans: Five Maharashtrian Families
by D.D. Karve

The Mongols: A History
by Jeremiah Curtin

Order in Paradox: Myth, Ritual and Exchange Among Nepal`s Tamang
by David H. Holmberg


The Play of the Gods: Locality, Ideology, Structure, and Time in the Festivals of a Bengali Town
by Akos Ostor

Caste and the Economic Frontier: A Village in Highland Orissa
by F.G. Bailey

Untying the Knot: On Riddles and Other Enigmatic Modes
by Galit Hasan-Rokem, David Shulman

Community Empowerment: A Reader in Participation and Development
by Gary Craig, Marjorie Mayo


The English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recoliections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok.
by Anna Harriette Leonowens

Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia
by Janet Hoskins

South India: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
by T. Scarlett Epstein

The Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten to the East Indies (Vol. 1)
by Arthur Coke Burnell, P.A. Tiele


Netherlands India: A Study of Plural Economy
by J.S. Furnivall

Hindu Views and Ways and the Hindu-Muslim Interface
by Agehananda Bharati

The People of Tibet
by Charles Bell

Children of Colonialism: Anglo-Indians in a Postcolonial World
by Lionel Caplan


At the Bottom of Indian Society: The Harijan and other Low Castes
by Stephen Fuchs

Sita`s Daughters: Coming Out of Purdah
by Leigh Minturn

Caste, Class, and Power: Changing Patterns of Stratification in a Tanjore Village
by Andre Beteille

Theories of Sickness and Misfortune Amongst the Hadandowa Beja: Narratives as Points of Entry into Beja Cultural Knowledge
by Frode F. Jacobsen



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