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Americans in India 1784-1860
by G. Bhagat

Constitutional Rights and Powers of the People
by Wayne D. Moore

The World in 1800
by Olivier Bernier

Transcending the Talented Tenth: Black Leaders and American Intellectuals
by Joy James


Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era
by James Treat

"Feeling Your Pain": The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years
by James Bovard

A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America
by James H. Madison

Secret Missions to Cuba
by Robert M. Levine


Race Pride and the American Identity
by Joseph Tiden Rhea

Late Imperial Romance
by John McClure

Tell the Court: I Love my Wife, Race, Marriage and Law-An American History
by Peter Wallernstein

Beyond Black and White
by Manning Marable


Open a New Window: The Broadway Musical in the 1960s
by Ethan Mordden

Ken Burns`s America
by Gary R. Edgerton

Broadway Boogie Woodgie: Damon Runyon and the Making of New York City Culture
by Daniel R. Schwarz

Culture and Anarchy
by Matthew Arnold


Unmasking L.A.: Third Worlds and the City
by Deepak Narang Sawhney

A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The US Experience
by Michel Aglietta

Subaltern Citizens and Their Histories: Investigations From India and the USA
by Gyanendra Pandey

The Obama Syndrome: Surrender At Home, War Abroad
by Tariq Ali


The Invention of the White Race: (Vol. 2): The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America
by Theodore W. Allen

Race and Immigration in the United States: New Histories
by Paul Spickard

The End of Conceit: Western Rationality after Postcolonialism
by Patrick Chabal

Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America
by Vivek Bald


Language Planning and Policy in Native America: History, Theory, Praxis
by Teresa L. McCarty

The Amistad Rebellion: An Atlantic Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom
by Marcus Rediker

The Correspondence of Henry D. Thoreau: Volume 1, 1834-1848
by Robert N. Hudspeth

The Routledge History of Western Empires
by Robert Albrich and Kirsten McKenzie


Reimagining Business History
by Philip Scranton and Patrick Fridenson

Imperial Technoscience: Transnational Histories of MRI In the United States, Britain ,and India
by Amit Prasad

Troubled Apologies: Among Japan, Korea, and the United States
by Alexis Dudden

War Reporters Under Threat: The United States and Media Freedom
by Chris Paterson


Language Policy Processes and Consequences: Arizona Case Studies
by Sarah Catherine K. Moore

American Iconology
by David C.Miller

The Columbia Guide to American Indian of The Southwest
by Trudy Griffin-Pierce

American Popular Music in Britain`s Raj
by Bradley G. Shope



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