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Three Faces of Imperialism: British and American Approaches to Asia and Africa 1870-1970
by Phillip Darby

Americans in India 1784-1860
by G. Bhagat

Interpreting Culture: Rethinking Method and Truth in Social Theory
by Joseph D. Lewandowski

Constitutional Rights and Powers of the People
by Wayne D. Moore


Welfare Racism: Playing the Race Card Against America`s Poor
by Kenneth J. Neubeck, Noel A. Carenave

Asian American Sexualities: Dimensions of the Gay and Lesbian Experience
by Russell Leong

The Crescent Obscures: The United States and the Muslim World, 1776-1815: The Legacy of the Barbary Wars
by Robert J. Allison

The World in 1800
by Olivier Bernier


Transcending the Talented Tenth: Black Leaders and American Intellectuals
by Joy James

Salaam America: South Asian Mulsims in New York
by Aminah Mohammad-Arif

Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era
by James Treat

"Feeling Your Pain": The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years
by James Bovard


Indian Sculpture (Vol. I) circa 500 B.C. - A.D. 700 A Catalogue of the Los Angeles County museum of Art Collection
by Pratapaditya Pal

A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America
by James H. Madison

Secret Missions to Cuba
by Robert M. Levine

Race Pride and the American Identity
by Joseph Tiden Rhea


Ken Burns`s America
by Gary R. Edgerton

Late Imperial Romance
by John McClure

Hollywood, the Pentagon and Washington
by Jean-Michel Valantin

"He`s All Man": Learning, Masculinity, Gayness and Love from American Movies
by John M. Clum


A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America
by James H. Madison

Subversive Southerner: Anne Braden and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Cold War South
by Catherine Fosl

Tell the Court: I Love my Wife, Race, Marriage and Law-An American History
by Peter Wallernstein

Beyond Black and White
by Manning Marable


Wilsonianism: Woodrow Wilson and His Legacy in American Foreign Relation
by Lloyd E. Ambrosius

The Politics of Voice: Liberalism and Social Criticism From Franklin to Kingston
by Malini Johar Schueller

Open a new Window the Broadway musical in the 1960s
by Ethan Mordden

One more Kiss: The Broadway Musical in the 1970s
by Ethan Mordden


Open a New Window: The Broadway Musical in the 1960s
by Ethan Mordden

A Beautiful Pageant: African, American Theatre Drama and Performance in the Renaissance 1910-1927
by David Krasner

Broadway Boogie Woodgie: Damon Runyon and the Making of New York City Culture
by Daniel R. Schwarz

The Immigration Reader: America in a Multidisciplinary Perspective
by Jacobson


A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The US Experience
by Michel Aglietta

Culture and Anarchy
by Matthew Arnold

Unmasking L.A.: Third Worlds and the City
by Deepak Narang Sawhney

Film Sequels: Theory and Practice From Hollywood to Bollywood
by Carolyn Jess-Cooke


Subaltern Citizens and Their Histories: Investigations From India and the USA
by Gyanendra Pandey

Breaking the Wave: Women, Their Organizations, and Feminism, 1945-1985
by Kathleen A. Laughlin and Jacqueline L. Castledine

Breaking the Wave: Women, Their Organizations, and Feminism, 1945-1985
by Kathleen A. Laughlin and Jacqueline L. Castledine

The "S" Word: A Short History of an American Tradition...Socialism
by John Nichols



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