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Records 1 to 40 of 694

Agrarian Radicalism in South India
by Marshall M. Bouton

Agrarian Class Conflict: The Political Mobilization of Agricultural Labourers in Kuttanad, South India
by Joseph Tharamangalam

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams
by Patrick McCully

India`s Green Revolution: Economic Gains and Political Costs
by Francine R. Frankel


In Defense of the Irrational Peasant: Indian Agriculture after the Green Revolution
by Kusum Nair

The Indus Rivers: A Study of the Effects of Partition
by Aloys Arthur Michel

Agrarian Conditions in Northern India: Vol. I: The United Provices Under British Rule 1860-1900
by Elizabeth Whitcombe

Vilyatpur 1848-1968: Social and Economic Change in a North Indian Village
by Tom G. Kessinger


On a Shoestring to Coorg: An Experience of South India
by Dervla Murphy

Agriculture on the Road to Industrialization
by John W. Mellor

Agrarian Studies: Synthetic Works at the Cutting Edge
by James C. Scott, Nina Bhatt

Sustainable Agriculture: Towards Food Security
by M.S. Swaminathan


Sustainable Agriculture: Towards an Evergreen Revolution
by M.S. Swaminathan

Contributions to Asian Studies: Volume 13 Rural Development
by K. Ishwaran

Feeding the World: A Challenge for the Twenty-First Century
by Vaclav Smill

Cocaine: Global Histories
by Paul Gootenberg


Medieval Agriculture and Islamic Science: The Almanac of a Yemeni Sultan
by Daniel Martin Varisco

The Orchids of Sikkim Himalaya
by G. King, R. Pantling

Insect Pest Management: Field and Protected Crops
by A.R. Horowitz, I. Ishaaya

Modern Plantation Agriculture: Corporate Wealth and Labour Squalor
by Rene Loewnson


The Migrant Farmer in the History of the Cape Colony 1657-1842
by P.J. Van Der Merwe

Secrets of the Soil
by Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird

Soil Genesis and Classification (5th edn.)
by S.W. Buol, R.J. Southard, R.C. Graham, P.A. McDaniel

The Biological Management of Tropical Soil Fertility
by P.L. Woomer, M.J. Swift


Privatization and the Crisis of Agricultural Extension: The Case of Pakistan
by Andrew P. Davidson, Munir Ahmad

Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture: A Primer

Agrarian Studies: Synthetic Work at the Cutting Edge
by James C. Scott, Nine Bhatt

Patronage and Exploitation: Changing Agrarian Relations in South Gujarat, India
by Jan Breman


Bringing the Food Economy Home: Local Alternatives to Global Agribusiness
by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Todd Merrifield, Steven Gorelick

The Grassroots of a Green Revolution: Polling America on the Environment
by Deborah Lynn Guber

Agriculture Food Security Nutrition and Health in North East India
by Debashis Basu, B. Francis Kulirani, B. Datta Ray

Agricultural System in Tamil Nadu: A Case Study of Peruvalanallur Village
by Yoshimi Komoguchi


Bad Harvest? The Timber Trade and the Degradation of the World`s Forests
by Nigel Dudley, Jean-Paul, Jeanrenaud, Francis Sullivan

Agricultural Expansion and Tropical Deforestation: Poverty, International Trade and Land Use
by Solon L. Barraclough, Krishna B. Ghimire

Eat Your Genes:How Geneticaly Food is Entering Our Diet
by Stephen Nottingham

ReClaming the Commons
by Brian Donahue


Agricultural Water Management
by Premjit Sharma

Women in the field: Anthropological Experiences (Second Edition)
by Peggy Golde

Agrarian Transformations, Local Processes and the State in Southeast Asia
by Gillian Hart ,Andrew Turton, Benjamin White

Conservation and Agriculture
by J.G.Havkes



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