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From Rivalry to Partnership?: New Approaches to the Challenges of Africa
by Tony Chafer and Gordon Cumming

War and Empire in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean
by Ashley Jackson

The Atlas of Apartheid
by A.J. Christopher

Three Faces of Imperialism: British and American Approaches to Asia and Africa 1870-1970
by Phillip Darby


The Empire of the Raj: India, Eastern Africa and the Middle East, 1858-1947
by Robert J. Blyth

Imperialism and Orientalism: A Documentary Sourcebook
by Barbara Harlow, Mia Carter

A History of the Family: Vol. I: Distant Worlds, Ancient Worlds
by Andre Burguiere, C. Klapisch-Zuber, M. Segalen, F. Zonabend

Postcolonial Discourses: An Anthology
by Gregory Castle


Haldane: An Army Reformer
by Edward M. Spiers

The Anatomy of Power: European Constructions of the African Body
by Alexander Butchart

The Indians in Uganda: A Study of Caste and Sect in a Plural Society
by H.S. Morris

Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist
by Philip Magnus


The Economies of Africa and Asia in the Inter-war Depression
by Ian Brown

A Dictionary of Arabic and Islamic Proverbs
by Paul Lunde, Justin Wintle

Volunteers Voluntary Associations and Development
by David H. Smith, Frederick Elkin

Tourism and Sustainability: New Tourism in the Third World
by Martin Mowforth, Ian Munt


Common Denominators: Ethnicity, Nation-Building and Compromise in Mauritius
by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Debates on Islam and Knowledge in Malaysia and Egypt: Shifting Worlds
by Mona Abaza

Rebel and Saint: Muslim Notables, Populist Protest, Colonial Encounters (Algeria and Tunisia, 1800-1904)
by Julia A. Clancy-Smith

The Politics of Egypt: State-Society Relationship
by Ninette S. Fahmy


A Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
by George Hart

Endowments, Rulers and Community: Waaf al-Haramayn in Ottoman Algiers
by Miriam Hoexter

The Treasures of Darkness: A History of Mesopotamian Religion
by Thokild Jacobson

The Government they Deserve: The Role of the Elite in Sudan`s Political Evolution
by Mansour Khalid


Permanent Pilgrims: The Role of Pilgrimage in the Lives of West African Muslims in Sudan
by C. Bawa Yamba

Western Primitivism: African Ethnicity: A Study in Cultural Relations
by Aidan Campbell

The Migrant Farmer in the History of the Cape Colony 1657-1842
by P.J. Van Der Merwe

The Making of Modern South Africa: Conquest, Segregation and Apartheid
by Nigel Worden


The World Food Problem
by David Grigg

The Arab Conquest of Spain 710-797
by Roger Collins

The Lunatic Express: An Enterainment in Imperialism
by Gharles Miller

Ghana Under President Kufuor: A New Perspective
by Uma Shankar Jha, Asha Bareja


From Empire to Nation: The Rise to Self-Assertion of Asian and African Peoples
by Rupert Emerson

Islam: An Historical Introduction (Sec Edn.)
by Gerhard Endress

The Egyptians
by Barbara Watterson

AFRICADOTEDU: It Opportunities and Higher Education in Africa
by Maria Beebe


When We Began, There Were Witchmen: An Oral History from Mount Kenya
by Jeffrey A. Fadiman

A Nest of Corsairs: The Fighting Karamanlis of the Barbary Coast
by Seton Dearden

The Rural-Urban Dichotomy in the Developing World: A Case Study from Northern Ethiopia
by Jonathan Baker

Famine Crimes: Politics and the Disaster Relief Industry in Africa
by Alex de Waal



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